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So Spain beat Germany! Crazy huh? I never saw it coming to be honest (but apparently, PAUL THE OCTOPUS DID) until the game then just watching how aggressive the spanish were being and how many shots they kept getting at the goal, I figured it was only a matter of time before they scored. What I didnt get was wtf the Germans were doing. Playing so defensively and before then I'd seen them play both offense and defense very well. Was the loss of Thomas Muller a big factor in this change of play style? (did they hear Paul's prediction and become nervous? lol jk)
Oh well eh? Third again it seems. Unless the Uruguayans come up with something tough in the runners up match on Saturday. I suppose it hurts less now than it did back in 06 ya? Or no? I for one cant lose this World Cup because I already lost! USA was out early on. and Argentina was completely crushed by Germany. Seriously the Argentines LOST their shit completely and were flailing around the field in a huff while the Germans practically danced in circles around them. talk about humiliation! (I will be sad to see ol Maradona go, sure he's a washed up ex druggie football player and probably helped popularize cheating in the sport but hey, he's also a laugh and a half! Plus he totes reminds me of my crazy grandma back home in Lebanon. for realz).
Brazil also lost rather shockingly to the Dutch. Or perhaps not so shockingly considering their lukewarm play throughout the tournament. Really It's a testament to Brazil's talent pool though that they could leave one of their best players at home and play half assed yet still advance to the quarter finals. Anyway, it's funny considering how poorly most of the Europeans did at the start that we are looking at an all Euro final once again. That said, I doubt anyone would have expected the Dutch to advance THIS far and for the Spanish this is their first final ever in WC history! Craziness! All those fancy Spanish clubs and that's the National Team's first time? I wonder who will win it. Either way it's gonna be a first time for one of these teams and that's pretty awesome to behold. I do love being privy to history. Sure all my teams went home but I'm not sad! Because one of my World Cup wishes did come true. Italy got knocked out! and Hella early! WOOOO KARMA IS A BITCH ITALY. *still angry about the 2006 WC final*

I will be sad when this World Cup ends. What will I do with my day hours now? Get work done? Prepare for classes in august? Start an exercise regime? Read all those books I keep saying I will read? BAH. Bah I say! (on the bright side this new surge of interest in Soccer from the US public seems to have convinced to start putting up matches from the big European leagues on their live streaming. WOOHOO. I get to keep following this stuff even after the WC is over! Now if only they would start actually airing this shit on tv. Sure I could shell out for Fox Soccer Channel but shoot, I aint rich! That stuff aint cheap man)
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I hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving to all my fellow american friends and happy thursday to the rest of you ;) I realize I havent updated my lj in several weeks but I am not dead, just busy. Between preparing for the upcoming Eid holiday, thanksgiving, my mother's birthday (which is today), finishing up my assignments before break, and playing my fabulous new game "Dragon Origins", I've been one busy busy bee. I will continue to be so for some time I think. Hopefully though I can update my lj soon. I am still doing my best to read everyone's entries though! and hopefully I can start commenting more regularly when I finish up this school semester. :)
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First of all happy halloween everyone! I actually started writing this post yesterday and finished it now. I wish I had something halloweeny to post today but I really dont. I thought about posting about horror films I liked over the years, until I realized I barely ever watch any and most of the ones I've seen are asian. So not very halloweeny then.

So because I am in the midst of yet another celebreity fixation/crush etc, this time I am actually going to post about it. My last one, for anyone who is curious, was the lovely John Simm (who I am still fond of, of course just in a less...obssesive manner) and this time it is Tim Roth.
I know you must be asking yourself now "Is she going to devote a whole post to Tim Roth?" and Yes, yes I am." and if you are thinking "But why?" I have only one response for you. "Why not?"

So my first run in with Roth was in the classic film Pulp Fiction. In comemoration of that, a clip:

I love how Roth pretty much speaks the same way in Lie to Me. With that slight (and sometimes not so slight) cockney. It's funny but it was also weird as hell to hear him without it in Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead. Speaking of which!

I saw the film last night. It was alot of fun, plenty of silly wordplay but I think Gary Oldman just about stole the show from Tim on a few occasions. He was really good and funny, Tim got to be the smart one in that pair while poor ol Roscencrantz (Oldman) was often two steps behind, not that it stopped him from making of a bunch of scientific discoveries (though without actually realizing their significance at all. lol) Both men spent the majority of the film disoriented and more than a little confused. It was fun watching Roth and Oldman mess around for pretty much most of the movie. Just to give an idea of the tone, here is a couple of short clips:

I personally loved how Rosencrantz would fuck around and do dumb things and Guildenstern (Roth) would glare at him or scold him most of the time but other times just play along. It was also funny how Guildenstern kept having these existential and philosphical thoughts and theories, often hilariously convoluted. Oldman and Roth played really well off each other. I was sad when the movie ended as it meant no more tomfoolery from those two. Speaking of the end my thoughts on the grand finish aka spoilers! ) In more shallow observations I was surprised by how thick Roth's hair used to look. Man 19 years will really do a number on your hairline.

This morning I saw another old film starring the Roth. It is called Captives. The story is about a female dentist, who is working in a british prison (WHY is she working there you ask? I have no idea. Girlfriend is crazy obv) and Roth is an inmate and thusly one of her patients and...well I think you can see where this is going. But just in case you cant I'll spell it out. THEY FALL IN LUURRRRVE. But the movie is thankfully not even remotely sappy but instead dark, intense, dirty and a little bit violent. Just how I like all my love stories! Anyway I wont put any clips but rather here is a link to the whole film on YT:

On an objective level the film is deeply mediocre, I mean I enjoyed it because it had Tim Roth lol. In fact if anyone wants a non fangirl serious review of the film you can find one here: I stumbled on to it by accident. But it sums up the film very well. I think for all it's faults it's worth it to watch Tim talking with that cockney of his and using those menacing stares he pretty much uses in every thing he's been in even when he's not supposed to be menacing, seriously I dont even think he was trying to be menacing half the time he was staring at the heroine in this film but it just LOOKS menacing anyway! I figure half the time he was supposed to be staring at the heroine with affection or wariness but he just looks like he wants to eat her. and not in the good way, but in the hannibal lector way.

Photobucket a random cap.

Oh! Funny bit of trivia. Anthony Hopkins was kind of not sure he wanted to play Hannibal, so the movie execs were considering Tim Roth instead! So if Hopkins had turned it down, Roth would have likely been Hannibal. Imagine that, Roth, a small menacing cannibal. Sorry I know I'll never get tired of making cracks about his height (or his age *immature*) but I have no doubt he would have been a suitably terrifying Hannibal. At least if his character in Rob Roy is anything to go by. For those who havent seen Rob Roy. Roth's character in that film was pretty much a sociopath. A clip! for anyone curious of Archibald Cunningham, the villainous english count Roth played:

Finally to conclude this very pointless post. I will give you the reason this whole thing started. Two...three words "Lie to Me". Now as you all know, I checked the show on a whim cause roth was in it and I liked the premise. and a new love was born! So I will end with a Lie to Me picspam...or rather I WAS going to but then I got tired and swamped with school work again. So here's a link to a bunch to a post with lots of pretty caps instead:

Everyone should check out Lie to Me. It's an awesome show, and you get to see Tim Roth point and yell at people "You're lying!" what more could you need to have an enriching television experiance?

Sup y'all~

Sep. 14th, 2009 07:05 pm
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So my last post was kind of angry and I wrote it in a flurry of caffeinated rage. Basically before yesterday I hadnt updated for a while and wasnt really commenting on my flist's entries for the most part. The reason is I am very busy lately with school, with getting my life together because I'm getting older, my parents are getting more burdened with expenses from my siblings and I basically need to start focusing on getting my shit together and being independent already. The only reason I havent announced a hiatus is because I do like to update my lj and respond to friend's entries whenever I feel like it. So I'll pop in now and then to say hi to people or talk about shit in my lj, but otherwise I just wont be as active online for awhile.
Anyway moving on..

I changed my layout a little while ago, it is now very pink with some black. I tend to alternate between black and pink alot with my layout coloring choices. Methinks after this one it's time to change things up. Maybe dabble in purples and yellows for a while.


Leverage 209 - a bit anticlimactic for a mid season break, but it's understandable considering it wasnt originally planned for that. That being said I enjoyed it alot and I love how Tara was introduced to the team. I'm gonna miss Sophie the elegant European grifter but Tara the tough American grifter seems pretty cool too. I think the best part of the episode was Nate's HORRIBLE suits. God they were so ridiculous I loved each and every one of them. I loved Nate's character's last name "poppadockalas"? I wish he'd play that character every episode. I cant decide who I like more nate's sleazy lawyer persona or his go as a quirky german headmaster of a private school. both of those were GOLD. *sigh* no Leverage till January :(

Psych 4x05 - I am so glad this show is back! That week it skipped due to it being labor day weekend just about killed me. I need a steady dose of Psych in my life or I start to go into horrible withdrawal, I get a rash and everything people srsly. This was a great episode, I loved the beginning the most though. I really love how psych is balancing the humor and the drama lately, I mean it's definitely let itself get more intense with the cases in the later seasons but I still enjoy the show so much. It's just alot of fun no matter what. I felt the first episodes of the season were weak but everything since then has been great. and I CANT WAIT for the bollywood episode! I just know it's going to be awesome. and unlike the telenovela episode (which I loved anyway) I will actually get most of the jokes and references. Since my parents love bollywood and I've seen more than my share of bollywood films (ok about 3...and a 1/2. but believe me, it is enough)

True Blood S2 Finale This was very much not what I was expecting. and by that I mean. Deeply anti climactic. Alan Ball said this finale would be very satisfying. YOU LIED TO ME BALL! Don’t think I will forget this!
spoilers beyond this point )

Jane Eyre 2006 - started this and havent seen the final ep yet but I am struck by the liberties BBC took with the plot on this one. Usually BBC is all about being faithful to the source material. I imagine it's because they did a Jane Eyre adaptation 20 years prior and decided that this time they could just go crazy with it. That being said I cant blame them for trying to make Rochester seem like less of a douchebag. Because OMG he was so unpleasant in the book and to cap it off UGLY. I keep thinking the only reason Jane got with him was cause she was too low on herself to think she could ever do better. Plus he had money, after starving most of your life you'd probably marry any schmuck with a fancy coin purse. I think the best part is when they show Rochester's wife and she turns about to be this beautiful but insane spanish woman and she starts shrieking at Jane when she sees her "PUTA, PUTAAAA" omg I cracked up SO HARD. This is totally the crack version of Jane Eyre. Also WTF Rochester, he is ridiculously good looking and kept going on about how he is so ugly and no one can love him even though there was a gorgeous blond trying to marry him for the first 3 episodes so wtf is he on about? (he insists it's cause of his money which...ok valid) but srsly I think I yelled at my screen once "OMG STOP BEING A FUCKING GIRL AND SUCK IT UP" so ridiculous. But this is why I would never be the heroine of a romance novel or a Gothic horror novel. Cause I'd tell the Hero to STFU everytime he whined and I would NOT follow the creepy laughter in the dark ominous hallway. OMG WHY DO THAT? WHAT GOOD CAN COME OF IT?

I will end this post by saying NEW GOSSIP GIRL TONIGHT! GLEEEE~
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Ahhh Anne Stuart, she of the romance thrillers/romantic suspense books. I wouldnt call her a favorite author or even a very good author (though not a bad one either) But she is undoubtedly a guilty pleasure of mine. Her novels are basically CRACK and you shouldnt be doing it and you know it's not good for you & gonna eat away your brain tissue but YOU CANT STOP. I always go through her novels faster than anyone elses. Dunno what that says about wait of course I do. I have a love of dysfunctional couples and love/hate relationships, something stuart is much more likely to explore than most romance novel authors. Bleh at fluffy romances, bleh I say!

Ice Storm = B+
Of the Stuart novels I've read so far I think I've liked this one most. It's part of Stuart's Ice series which focuses on the lives of various operatives to some shady spy organization called "The Council", this is the fourth novel in the series. Get into bed, I can always kill you in the morning ) All in all, Ice storm is a decent read and less dark than Sins and far less irritating than Midnight but still unabashedly unromantic and twisted enough to fulfill anyone's kink for fascination with suffering or an antagonistic couple. and by anyone I do mean me. mmmmm hate!sex.

Ritual Sins = B-
I feel like I shouldnt have liked this story, but I did, quite a bit actually. It was completely fucked up, the power dynamics were skewed, some of the plot developments were right out of a B horror movie or a lifetime tv movie and the hero was an obligatory unapologetic psychotic jackass. but I still had such a blast reading it. It's one of those stories you read where you just turn off your brain and enjoy the very trashy ride.
Luke, part cult leader, part con man, all pyscho meets Rachel a Very Angry Woman ) Basically Ritual Sins is what it is, a creepy thriller with lots of sexual tension and then actual sex, the plot isnt very intelligent and you probably wont be surprised by most of the twists and turns but it manages to keep from being completely predictable. I managed to finish it in a day or so, a fun fast read. Well fun if your idea of fun is stalkers, murders, cults, conspiracies, evil old ladies, homicidal dwarves and sex in the back of a creepy hearse during a violent thunderstorm. Hey man, I dont knock YOUR interests.

A Rose at Midnight = C-
There is so much that went wrong with this story for me that I'm not even sure I know where to start. It's not even that as a book it was really bad, because it wasnt. Although it was miles away from good. "Midnight" started out with such a fabulously dark and interesting premise, the heroine starts out trying to poison the hero who she blames for the horrible demise of her family. So the heroine who is *gasp* french and had the misfortune to be living in france during the time of the revolution, has to watch helplessly as her aristocratic family is sent to the guillotine. Fucked up right? You bet! So of course I was intrigued. Here's where it all goes to shit aka I bitch alot in this review )
Vitriol aside, I will keep reading anne stuart and try to stick to some of her later novels, especially her contemporaries, cause so far those havent been too bad. I will however avoid her historicals like plague for now on. Also I cracked up when the word "cash" was used in this book because uh...I dont think they used that term for money in 19th century England. :x

In un book related news I went to the mall and got myself a dress to wear at my sister's graduation (that my mother insisted I attend, and before anyone gives me the evil eye for being a bad sis and not wanting to attend my lil sister's graduation, let me just say that she doesnt want to go either. We are both hostages! Our mother is forcing us to dress up and converse with stuffy old arab ladies! WILL THE HORRORS NEVER CEASE?) I will take pics of said dress once I actually manage to locate my camera.
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Hello flist~ I want to talk about all the exciting things that have happened to me lately but the fact of the matter is, nothing exciting has happened. I suppose I should be upset but I confess I've been enjoying books enough lately not to care. Speaking of which!

Books: I thought about posting more reviews but for now I'll just list out what books I've read so far lately. Books are in the order I've read them. The ones I really liked have a star/asterisk next to them.

The list! ) I might not write reviews for everything but I do want to share my impressions for all of them down the road.

Tv: I've not been watching very much lately but yesterday I did watch the premier of True Blood's new season and the show is as trashy and bloody as I remember and I love it! True Blood S2-1 )
Also Surpersizers Go....which I've been watching lately. Is a VERY awesome program. It is in a nutshell about a very funny lady who does radio and a very gluttonous man who is a resturant critic and their adventures in the past culinary exploits of England. Period dress and incredibly ridiculous antics on behalf of our intrepid hosts make appearances as well. As Hilarious as Sue and Giles are, I watch for the history and culinary focus of the show, it is a surprisingly educational show despite being such fun to watch. Superiszers returns started last night and I dled the lovely first ep, where sue and giles go back to the 80's! Very good timing considering the recent craze for 80's things jump started by A2A in the UK lately. I cant wait to see it, their costumes looked hysterical.

Dramas: I havent watched much dramas this season, part of this is all the reading and UK tv watching I've been doing, the other reason is that dramas just sucked this season. Speaking of sucking, Thoughts on MR BRAIN )
I'm debating on whether I want to check out Toma's drama, Majo Saiban. I rarely feel disappointed by anything he's in, so I might just watch it for him.

A drama I have been watching and actually enjoying so far is Black & White which is a very awesome TW drama that I recommend EVERYONE watch. It has everything! Gun fights, intrigue, shadowy organizations, mobsters, mercenaries, cops, humor, ANGST, love, dangerous ladies, vic zhou AND very hot hate!sex. You cant go wrong really. Unless your name rhymes with sorry and you hate vic zhou, but it's not like I know anyone like that...
The thing I love about B&W the most though is the large cast and how expansive the world of B&W feels, despite the big cast I rarely felt overwhelmed cause they manage to balance that with the plot and introduce characters gradually as they become important. It's very tightly written and exciting tv, and a nice change from all those cutesy romantic dramas Taiwan is known for.
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Wassup Flist? I've been ignoring humanity again it seems. This time for books and a new show I've gotten into, True Blood. I am enjoying it quite alot and decided to go dl all the books in the series (so far there is nine and a 10th one comes out later this year) which I will start to read....I have no idea when considering I have a backlog of romance novels to read. I cant believe I have a fucking backlog of ROMANCE novels. I spend a lifetime not even looking at the romance section and the last two years thinking my reading fiction novels is now a lost cause. and Suddenly on a whim I pick up a romance novel or two and BAM, I'm a junkie. Shock of my life. I dont count on this being a long term interest though, I have few interests that are ever long term. But eh we'll see? I will be hopefully devoting a whole post about which novels I've read and which ones I like the most so far. and for the record I'm kind of whatever about reading them now and the shame/self consciousness about reading romance has all but dissipated. I adapt quickly. heh (I also think reading "Beyond heaving bosoms" helped)

As for True Blood, I heard good reviews about it for a while but my lord was I ever SO sick of VAMPIRE STORIES. and then hearing it was set in new orleans I was like oh God, it's fuckin Anne Rice all over again, NOOOO. But damn, once again I was forced to eat my thoughts. Cause True Blood is really freaking good. and here's WHY )

So alas it seems I have yet ANOTHER show to add to my list of shows and fandoms I'm currently following, which for anyone curious include so far: Ashes to Ashes, Merlin, Leverage, The Mentalist, Doctor Who and more recently the spanish Life on Mars aka La Chica de Ayer, which I enjoyed way more than I planned to, this seems to be happening alot lately....if this keeps up I might have to start accepting that my judgment is not infallible and then what will i....aahahhaha JUST KIDDING, as if that would ever happen.
Anyway if anyone is curious about my impressions regarding the Spanish Life on mars. I wrote out my thoughts about the first episode under the cut: La Chica de Ayer )

In conclusion: La chica de ayer is Muy Caliente and better than the US adaptation of Life on Mars by miles. I cant wait to see the rest of the series! It's really like discovering life on mars all over again.
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Hello flist. I have risen from the dead! Or more like finally decided to leave my little hole in the floor away from everyone. At least figuratively. I needed to be away from people for a while for reasons I dont think are worth elaborating on. But yeah it's been a little melancholy and isolated on my end lately....more so than usual that is.

My exams for the record, ended last week and I start taking math classes next week. I will be having a busy albeit not exactly exciting summer full of books, gardening, cooking, math classes and some sorry attempts at learning Japanese via a book I checked out at my college library. I wanted to take some painting and graphic design programs this summer, and a guitar class but that will just have to be put off for another time. Since I want to use this summer to cultivate my mind, body and herb garden.
One of my goals this summer is to lose 20 pounds. That sounds like alot to lose in just 4 months, but it's very doable. and if I miss the mark and only lose 15 pounds, it wont be a total failure. The long term goal is to lose 30 pounds all together but for now 15-20 is a good start.

An amazing thing happened yesterday,actually finished a book for the first time in forever, blah blah this is about books... )

In other news, I have so far attempted to watch 2 Jdramas from this season's offerings (Shiroi Haru and Meitantei no okite) and I have not liked either one. Meitantei was for me a complete dissappointment, I expected a smart self aware drama that was about a quirky detective who solves difficult mysteries. I thought there would be some satirical elements, some nice offbeat humor but ultimately a show with some substance, some wit, some kind of gravity to it. Meitantei however is just a total farce. It's shallow, cliched and it beats the viewer over the head with everything. Wtf kind of show TELLS you before it starts that it's about to parody a bunch of mystery archtypes/tropes? To make it worse, the whole thing was almost identical to 33pun tantei which at least managed to be funny. Something meitantei cant even do. Though both shows fail as mystery shows, and that's the problem. If you are writing a mystery show, regardless of whether you are trying to satire other mystery stories or not, you should still manage to come up with clever engaging mysteries! STUPID WRITERS! and As for shiroi haru, I just found it totally dull and predictable. I can already tell they are gonna make sachiko be haruo's daughter. So watching a drama about his bonding with her and trying to uncover the truth about his gf's death is kind of not that interesting at all. As far as jdramas go, I will try one more drama this season and if it turns out to be shit, I'm done till fall.

So flist here's where you come in, I'm not sure what's good and I lack the patience to dl everything so which of the following jdramas should I check out next? I will of course be watching MR.BRAIN when it finally comes out because duh it's got Kimutaku how can I NOT watch it? Hopefully it'll get better ratings than Konkatsu did, geeze poor Nakai XD.
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[Poll #1385735]

So I've decided to change my lj name. I already bought the rename token. Now all I need is to decide which name to choose. Sadly I cant choose, pretty much cause all the choices i've come up with were either taken or total shit. So what i'm left with are the acceptable ones. I'll leave this poll up for the weekend and then I'm going to change my name. I may not necessarily choose the name with the most votes but it has a higher chance of getting chosen. basically I need some help deciding and this was the best way i could think of. Most if not all the names carry some significance to me. However I dont have time to explain them all but it's not of huge importance really...

ps. I finally listened to the K8 album yesterday. first impressions were good. I will maybe do a review on my second listen.
pps. sorry for not commenting much lately flist. after this week most of my work will be finished so maybe I can finally go back to regularly commenting and posting.

ETA: I looked into it more closely and it seems redshoes is not available for use afterall. sucks :( the best ones were really queenofhearts and redshoes but both were taken. in fact every imaginable variation of queenofhearts was taken -_-. same for red shoes
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Been a busy week or so, Here's a recap of what I've been up to for the past few weeks-

Firstly my lj has undergone a MASSIVE make over. I changed the layout and made edits to my interests, my communities, my userpics, my profile and did some locking and unlocking on various journal entries. Even my name changed now. I just got tired of the same old "Taima: crash of thunder" thing.
I recently got into an indie jrock band called "Baseball Bear" and as it is indie AND Japanese there is of course not much info that can be found about them. at least not in english of course. but all you really need to know, is how awesome their songs are.

Here's my favorite

a live performance of Matsuri no Ato and if you like that one then you can find a bunch other videos for them linked to the same YT page. I'd recommend: dakeshimetai, changes, aishiteru, crazy no kisetsu ga, and manatsu no jouken.
Next, my love for western television has been rekindled with new force, particularly my love for UK tv dramas. They are short, they are well written and best of all they are chock full of ENGLISH ACCENTS WOO! Seriously, so far I've watched Life on Mars S1, most of S2 and all of Ashes to Ashes S1, the spin off for LOM. I know spin off makes people go EWWW, but it's a really great show and manages to be different enough from LOM. I've also become insanely fond of Philip glenister and John simm cause of these shows. and I spent last night perusing forums for LOM and A2A, and watching a bunch of guest appearances of Glenister on various talk shows. It is SO nice to be able to understand everything that is being said on a talk show for a change. More blabbing about UK shows under the cut )
thanks to A2A and LOM, I've been listening to nothing but 70's and 80's music for the past week. and I have no regrets! *goes back to dancing to the Stranglers*
As far as American tv goes, I'm really into Leverage (a show on TNT) and The Mentalist (bizarro procedural drama on CBS). I will definitely be making posts for all my current show obsessions, down the road. But I want to actually finish some or most of my assignments before I do. Since knowing me I will ramble on immensely XD especially for Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes.
I've been hella busy with school work, I'm seriously up to my neck in assignments. My English essay, art museum assignment, art project and presentation is on Monday (which I told the teacher I wouldnt be able to make it because I'd be in Virginia. Except. I'm not. XD). Anyway, this is partially why I've been avoiding LJ and MSN lately. The other reason would be all the shows I've been watching in between working. But pffft who needs human interaction when you have TV!
Thanks to all the shows I've been watching lately I have a affinity for the crime genre lately. If this keeps up I'll be watching The Departed and Resevoir dogs soon. or rewatching Pulp Fiction cause I've been wanting to rewatch for the longest time now. Sam "the man" Jacksooooon!
Well that's all.
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So I changed my layout recently. It's not quite April yet but I figured no reason I should have to wait that long before I change it. I wasnt happy with the lemon one anyway, and the resolution wasnt working with my tiny laptop screen. <--- cliiiick, you know you want to!

Anyway now for the real reason for this post. I feel bad I havent been responding to comments lately :( Because I've been overwhelmed with school and just plain couldnt think up proper responses half the time. From now on I will be good though! I also have a backlog of memes to do that I promised others I"d do...I'll get to it guys I swear ;_;

For now here's something sweet and to the point I saw on my flist-

Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you.

&hearts flist &hearts


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