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First day back at College for me. Right now I'm blogging during my lunch break like a true geek/nerd. So far classes seem like they will go well, I havent attended my final class of the day yet which starts in 2 hours. So since I still have no viable transportation to and from school (let's not talk about how many times I've failed the driving test now) and I dont intend to walk 3 miles to get to my house. I'm stuck here. Perfect opportunity to blog about Sunday's episode of True Blood!

True Blood 09: This week's ep was INCREDIBLE. I remember reading a very glowing review about ep 9 a few days before it aired, in a tv mag I forgot which one but it was full of awe and respect for the series and I was like is she talking about the same show I'm watching? Cause I love true blood it's alot of fun but I'd never describe it as deep or meaningful but the reviewer did. After I saw this episode I understand why she did and she is totally right. True Blood was elevated to a whole other level Sunday night and I was impressed and let me tell you flist I am not easily impressed at all. This episode was game-changing, heartbreaking and completely elevated my opinion of the show (as well as the writers, actors, & alan ball) and what it could be. Basically if you're on my flist and dont watch this show, I'd recommend you start now because I think it's totally worth it to get to this point. Especially Season 2 itself has been very enjoyable whereas S1 I felt was nice but didnt become must see television for me until the final few eps of that season.

Highlights of the episode: Here comes the sun )

I will also say now I do enjoy the Mary Ann storyline and amazed at how most people cant stand it. It is a fascinating storyline and character when you actually pay attention closely to who Mary Anne is and more importantly what she represents, WHY she's so evil, WHY she's a bad thing. Like the philosophy that she goes by, why is it so bad and is it in fact all bad? (cause I think in fact it's not) Mary Ann is bad and must be stopped not cause she wants to enslave earth or kill all humans or open a portal to hell or some stereotypical supernatural villain shit but because she is a vision of selfishness, hedonism and chaos. There's something about Mary Ann... ) Basically in Mary Ann's mind she is saving everyone, making everyone happier in becoming her disciples. She's a really fascinating complex antagonist and that's my favorite kind. So I really cant tell why so many people hate this storyline cause if you look at it beyond the surface it's not just all town orgies, crazy parties and Mary Ann traipsing around talking about feelings to everyone and feeding people creepy food like "hunter souffle".

Also a meme! Been meaning to do this one for a while:
Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post.

You can really ask me about ANY fandom. My fandoms have spread across at least 3 continents (america, europe, asia) so really you can ask me my faves for just about anything from any medium and I'll probably be able to come up with some kind of answer.
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1 - RAMBO!JASON. WOOO. I love how he suddenly gets SRS BZNS when people insult his sister or he finds out she's in trouble. it's very cool. and also he took out newline with A PAINTBALL GUN. Seriously after ep 8 Jason became 20982x more endearing to me. I mean before I just found him kind of a joke though I never disliked him. He's hysterical
2- The "trust me" scene with Eric and Sookie? HOT. I was ambivalent about them getting together before that point but now, hell yeah I ship it! (but it's really not the end of the world if they dont become the show's OTP/end game couple. cause honestly there's more to true blood than who is fucking sookie ok people.)
3. POOR SAM. wtf he can never get a break :(
4. I LOVED the horror aspect of this show. I cannot stress this enough. Daphe in the freezer? sauteing her heart and then PUTTING IT IN A SOUFFLE AND FEEDING IT TO EGGS AND TARA? WTFFFF. but so so great. I was like UWAAAAAAAH. the whole time.
5. Eric at the beginning with the dorky southern accent! I LOLed. I LOVE when skarsgaard gets to be quirky or sardonic, he's SO good at it. I LOVED watching him taunt bill. I really want him to kick bill's ass one day. I'm counting down to the point where bill FINALLY pisses off Sookie and Eric takes advantage of it like woah.
This reminds me of this awesome pic where he is making ridiculous faces and anna paquin and stephan moyer are staring at him with WTF? faces. God I loved that, he is too cool for them both srsly.
6. GODRIC. YOU ARE A SEXY MOFO OK? I loved how Godric was the "dumbledore of vampires" (to quote one lj user) he was all tiny and wise. I loved it, the actor they got to play him is hella cute. I hate how much the make up on this show washes out the vampire people. I mean it's really ugly and also clearly not used on everyone since faux cowboy vampire didnt look sickly pale the way moyer, eric and godric do.
7. Lafayette does tarot! I didnt think it was possible but I like him even MORE now.
8. Jessica and hoyt fucking! YAY. Not so yay about Jessica being an eternal virgin now :(
9. LOL Lorena vs Sookie bitchfight! I SO WANTED TO SEE THAT HAPPEN. I am immature I know :( But I love some chaos and discord. Lorena was just embarrassing to watch, in fact both of them were but it was pretty funny I cant lie. I'm just sad there was no Pam :(
10. GAH I LOVE THIS SHOW. I liked the eps before this but I LOVED this one and I'm so glad the season is really getting into gear now.

Also I swear if I hear one more person complaining that the show is not being "accurate" to the book I will CUT A BITCH. Book and TV are totally different mediums people need to wake the fuck up and realize that changes WILL BE MADE. Shit that works in books is not always going to work in film media, these are the facts. Now people can either accept this or stop watching the show and leave the rest of us who DO like it alone. GAD.

Also some brief blabbery about skins which I will expound upon in a later post:
Brief thoughts on Skins Seasons 1 and 3 )


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