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I hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving to all my fellow american friends and happy thursday to the rest of you ;) I realize I havent updated my lj in several weeks but I am not dead, just busy. Between preparing for the upcoming Eid holiday, thanksgiving, my mother's birthday (which is today), finishing up my assignments before break, and playing my fabulous new game "Dragon Origins", I've been one busy busy bee. I will continue to be so for some time I think. Hopefully though I can update my lj soon. I am still doing my best to read everyone's entries though! and hopefully I can start commenting more regularly when I finish up this school semester. :)
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Hello kids! I saw the BEST MUSICAL EVER, the other night. What's it called you ask?
Why it's

I recommend this to EVERYONE. But especially potter fans. I havent read the books in a while but everything was hilarious to me, it's a great great musical put on by a bunch of college students and recent grads. There's plenty more info about what the musical is, who the people behind the production are as well as the cast and why they did this at their youtube channel: you can watch the whole play there too if you like

You can find some gifs, caps and a download link to an avi file of the entire play here:
also the dude who plays voldemort has a totally slammin bod wtf. Voldemort should not look attractive! Srsly I am so glad he got to be shirtless for almost the ENTIRE time. Speaking of shallow things, the dude who plays harry in the musical (Darren Criss) is approx 24982092x more attractive to me than Dan radcliffe ever was. But then he DOES play guitar! and can sing soulful power ballads! Seriously this was just a funny musical to me until the next to last song "You're not alone" and that was the point where I was like HOLY CRAP these guys are truly talented! It does take talent and effort to set up something like this but these arent just practical jokesters armed with prep school uniforms and access to instruments and sound equipment. They are the real deal and they could totally do serious musicals if they wanted to, they got skills, but they simply chose to make a silly musical about harry potter and show it for free. How awesome IS THAT? (I am so keeping an eye out for future projects from these guys. these are our generation's puccinis, tchaikovskys and rly.) and also the girl (yes girl: Lauren Lopez) who plays Malfoy? HYSTERICAL. After the play she was totally my favorite. So so funny. Everyone was great but I think she and Darren were the stand outs.

I'm such a nerd that I joined [ profile] ontdpigfarts soon after watching the musical. If you like it I suggest you join the comm too. (I got sorted into [ profile] ravenbawww! apparently this means I'm classy. I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE CLASSY! YAY)

and Props to [ profile] ohvienna for pimpin this in her lj or I'd never have known ok I would have probably known about eventually since nothing stays secret for long in fandom but it would have taken much longer! and watching it so made my day. It will make your day too guys! OMG watch it!

Skins: My God I'm sure you are all sick of whining about how much Season 3 annoyed me but I really just want to say this one last thing then I swear I wont bitch about Skins ever again (or rather not until S4 next year)
I finally saw ep 7 from S2 which is Effy's episode and it was not only amazing and emotional and hella dramatic but Effy was SO fucking cool in it! and what kills me about it she was ten times more interesting, active, likeable and well developed in that SINGLE episode than she was ALL of season 3!let the bitching begin.. )

For some positivity I want to say that I am enjoying Season 2 of skins SO MUCH. I am like glued to my comp screen and I'm already down to the last 3 eps if though I only started watching yesterday. I cant say that it's more cohesive than S1 and it's definitely more melodramatic but I really do feel convinced by all the emotions exploding all over the place. S2 is alot more intense and dramatic than S1 but still manages to have quite a quirky sense of humor. more S2/1st gen cast squee )
I'll probably post one more time about skins when I see the rest of S2 and after that it's back to blogging about other things until January (when S4 starts airing and yes i'm watching it cause I'm a masochist and also love JJ and Naomi too much not to)

Leverage 05 - I LOVED THIS EP SO MUCH OMG. I'm Monica freaking hunter and I'm on a hunt for the TRUTH )

College resumes for me in 5 days. :(
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Hello everyone. So today is my 21st birthday! I know traditionally this means you go celebrate in a bar or something but I dont do bars, group get togethers or alcohol. I completely do not drink nor plan to ever start. That being said, I've spent my day lazing about, watching the dvds I bought for myself, reading some romance novels and eating ice cream cake, which my dad got for me.

Thank you to everyone who's sent me birthday wishes! I'm really grateful and happy that so many people took the time to wish me a happy birthday. It's a small gesture but I really appreciate it, especially those who took the time to make me pretty little graphics or even get me something <333 you are all wonderful people and precious friends. and enjoy this while you all can cause I aint gonna be this warm and nice all the time. and Sonya you werent late ^^, it's still the 20th in my timezone.

I also mega sorry for the late replies in my last post, I replied to everyone but I confess it took me 3 days to get around to it. I really appreciate comments, I'm always happy to know people are reading and want to chat with me. But I confess I've had alot on my mind lately, when fall semester at my college resumes a new chapter in my life is going to be starting. Because I actually have goals I'm working towards now, I'm going to have my license finally and I will HOPEFULLY have lost damn weight by then but so far not doing very well on that account, I want to blame all the wonderful delicious carbs I eat but truth be told i've been lazy on the exercising. That being said, I promise to try harder to be more prompt with my replies!

I bought Shakespeare Retold from UK amazon, and while I didnt get ahold of a region free player like I wanted I managed to watch some of the DVD on my dad's computer, since my little netbook has no cd slot. BBC basically took popular Shakesperan Plays: taming of the shrew, much ado about nothing, midsummer nights dream and macbeth. And attempts to adapt them for a modern audience while casting the characters in modern day settings and situations. It's a pretty novel idea and since it's the BBC I figure it stands a chance of being really good too.

Thoughts+Impressions on Taming of the Shrew )
So I think it worked out well enough. I enjoyed it, I cant wait to see what they do with the rest of the plays. Especially one of my fave Shakespeare plays "A midsummer night's dream".
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Hello flist! I have made the final cuts on my friends list, I know I said i would be doing the cut on may 7th but I changed my mind. and really I dont think anyone I cut will care or in fact even notice that i have cut them. Anyway those who are left, congrats you get to spend another year reading my insane ramblings. You must feel so glad, I know I do ;) I am happy to have seen how many people wanted to stay on my flist and keep up with me. I love all of you, really, in vary degrees of course but love is love yo.

Anyway, I've also made more than a handful of new friends via my new latest obsessions and fandoms, welcome ladies to the crazy parade! I am Taima your host in this land of wtfuckery, please enjoy your stay. and call me Tai.
As far as introductions go, I think my profile and various past memes in my lj sum me up rather well and really I dont want to talk about myself now. ha ha ha ok that's a lie, I love talking about myself. but since I do that enough already, I'm going to instead talk about my journal, so those of you on the flist will have a better idea of what to expect in the coming weeks/months or however long you unfortunate souls choose to stay on board.
This journal, is not just a fandom journal, it's not just a personal journal, this journal is me. it encompasses everything that goes on in my mind. It will cover my life, my interests, my aspirations, my thoughts, my loves, my hates, my dreams, everything. I dont feel like fragmenting the different aspects of my life or character into several different journals or filters. Everything is in one place, it's all here. It's all or nothing folks. I have only two filters right now, and one of them I dont use very much.

One of those filters is for JE, that is Johnny's Entertainment and if you dont know what that is it's ok, because you're probably not on that filter then! But for those who do know what that is, I'm going to be honest. I wont be blogging about JE or Kanjani8 that much anymore. and about that... )

So for specifics, here is a nice list of what I plan to blog about for now on.

* The main function for this lj for now one will be to either review or discuss or share impressions about the various tv shows or films I watch. Foreign films included. There will be fangirling/squeeing and meta/theories/discussion as well.
*I will continue to do various lj memes and rankings. Not too often but often enough that it merits mentioning. I have a backlog of memes that people tagged me for and I WILL do them...eventually.
*I will post about my life now and then, not particularly often but it will happen. It can be anything about my school, career, future or just spewing my thoughts and feelings about life/the universe/love/friendship/my future etc etc. If I go on a trip or something really wonderful/terrible happens then chances are it will be blogged about here as well.
*I still love cooking, and I fully intend to go back to blogging about dishes I've successfully made and hopefully posting recipes here as well.
*Finally I will engage in the occasional picspam, which can be about anything I want. Desserts, clothes/fashion, models, actors, actresses, musicians, you name it

If any of this sounds especially unappealing anyone is free to defriend at will. I just wanna put it out there what my lj will look like for now on so no one feels mislead that i was more interesting or into a particular fandom than I actually am.

And that's all, I have exams wednesday so I wont be updating at all probably until afterwards. See ya! &hearts
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Happy birthday [ profile] bakabanri!

Sabrina, even though you are really young, you have a great fondness for old things, be it men, music, movies or david bowie. and that's just one of the many fascinating things about you! I'm sorry one of you're favorite idols is having a rough time now, but hopefully things will turn out well in the end ^^ You are a fun, sweet and all around wonderful person sabs and I'm glad to have you as an online friend &hearts &hearts. I only regret that our time difference is so great we dont get to speak as often as I'd like. Hope you have a wonderful bday! and next year I'll steal the Doctor's tardis so I can visit you and then we can both go visit 70's and 80's era bowie ;D (present day one too if you like!)
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Hello lovelies <3 Alright so I have not too long ago done a huge flist cut, I think I cut over 21 people. The reason is I felt like there was alot of people on my flist who didnt comment, i rarely read their ljs, never connected with them, felt annoyed by them, they've gone missing for nearly a year with no announcement of hiatus...etc etc. Basically it was time to whittle down the flist and actually there are a few more who I think need to go but for the rest of you I'm going to be more diplomatic, since I like most of you well enough.

If you want to stay on my flist all you need to do is just answer this poll. You can pick any answer, the poll is just to help me decide who to cut. I have some people in mind already but I do want to know if these people want to stay or not before I get snipping. Obviously not EVERYONE has to answer the poll, some people I wont be cutting whether they answer or not. However, if you think you might be cut and you dont want to be then just answer the poll. All it takes is a click. I will leave the poll up until May 7th. That is my last day of classes and after that I'm doing the final cuts.

[Poll #1388361]

Please keep in mind if you choose to stay, I want to blog freely about all the new and old interests I have, not just JE or even jdramas. Both things I still like but I really want to branch out. I will blog about music, film, actors and actresses I like, fashion, art, artists, dramas, variety shows, books basically anything and everything I want to blog about. So for those who simply friended me for JE, please keep that in mind. If you really couldnt care less about anything other than JE in my blog than it might be better if you defriend me now. I dont mind if some people choose to only comment on je or jdrama entries. If that's all you feel interested in discussing then that's ok. But I just dont want people feeling annoyed that I'm blogging about other stuff cause I WILL being doing that and I WONT be using filters so, it's gonna be all or nothing for this lj. I will also blog about any travels I take or new things I try etc etc. So just keep that all in mind guys.

In other news, I watched the low budget british film "Tuesday" today, it had a bunch of my fave brit actors and I'm always a sucker for a heist film. It was a really damn good film and very simple, gritty and fun. Lots of nice little plays with cliches throughout the whole film. I'll maybe blog about it more in depth at a later date, but definitely if anyone wants to see it drop me a line and I'll fish up some links for you cause it's 78 well spent minutes.

Well that's all my dear flist, until next time~
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Check it out ladies! I got a new name: [ profile] sisterjune

Ok ok I know a put up a poll earlier in the week forr lj names and sisterjune wasnt on there but only because I hadnt thought of it yet! I'm glad I waited, I was really fed up with putting it off early on knowing the longer I waited the more indecisive I'd become but in this case I think waiting really served me well. queenalice and sevenstars were nice names, but they just didnt click for me. I wanted a name that was unique, represented ME and would be able to stay with me no matter how my interests changed or personality developed. Sisterjune is perfect for that. Because it's a name with plenty of significance to me personally but might come off as random to other people. I appreciate this air of mystery though. Of course I'm about to eliminate it in a moment but never you mind~

I got the inspiration for this name when I was perusing my fiction & poetry lj (though it's mostly just poems right now) for inspiration and bam! I got it. June is a poem I wrote when I was...14? maybe 15? basically over five years ago. It's nothing spectacular but for me it was a great form of self expression at the time since I had no other way of doing so. I needed an outlet of expression and amateurish poetry was it. So the first poem I ever wrote was June. The poem was about a strange girl named june and it was in the form of a letter where her sibling july writes to her and asks her to return home, her family doesnt get her which is shown in the poem by july asking each family member (all named after a month of the year) about june. The poem is largely metaphorical though and isnt literally about a girl named june unless of course you want it to be. June wasnt about me or anyone I know either but in a way it felt like I was talking to myself. Sort of my free spirited bright but oddball side that got beat down over the years and was slipping away from me as I aged and I was sort of withdrawing from people. It was a tough time, but I can look back on it now with a smile because I know it was all just a part of my growth into a wiser better adult. Still got plenty of growing to do though!

I'm very happy with this name and I'm glad I made a change. I feel like this name suits me very well. Also my birthday is in June. :D
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[Poll #1385735]

So I've decided to change my lj name. I already bought the rename token. Now all I need is to decide which name to choose. Sadly I cant choose, pretty much cause all the choices i've come up with were either taken or total shit. So what i'm left with are the acceptable ones. I'll leave this poll up for the weekend and then I'm going to change my name. I may not necessarily choose the name with the most votes but it has a higher chance of getting chosen. basically I need some help deciding and this was the best way i could think of. Most if not all the names carry some significance to me. However I dont have time to explain them all but it's not of huge importance really...

ps. I finally listened to the K8 album yesterday. first impressions were good. I will maybe do a review on my second listen.
pps. sorry for not commenting much lately flist. after this week most of my work will be finished so maybe I can finally go back to regularly commenting and posting.

ETA: I looked into it more closely and it seems redshoes is not available for use afterall. sucks :( the best ones were really queenofhearts and redshoes but both were taken. in fact every imaginable variation of queenofhearts was taken -_-. same for red shoes
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So I changed my layout recently. It's not quite April yet but I figured no reason I should have to wait that long before I change it. I wasnt happy with the lemon one anyway, and the resolution wasnt working with my tiny laptop screen. <--- cliiiick, you know you want to!

Anyway now for the real reason for this post. I feel bad I havent been responding to comments lately :( Because I've been overwhelmed with school and just plain couldnt think up proper responses half the time. From now on I will be good though! I also have a backlog of memes to do that I promised others I"d do...I'll get to it guys I swear ;_;

For now here's something sweet and to the point I saw on my flist-

Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you.

&hearts flist &hearts
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I've been watching dramas again lately. So far I'm just watching Ryuusei no Kizuna and Blood Monday. I also have been watching a Kdrama called "Capital Scandal"

Since I plan on making a dramas centric post on these dramas another time i'll just speak briefly about them now. I know some people seem annoyed/disappointed/worried about RnK lately but I am TOTALLY enjoying it and the angst even. I just love kudokan's style and I appreciate the extra depth and seriousness the novel's story brings to this drama. I also can say for the firs time ever, I've totally enjoyed watching Ryo's character in a drama. I just was never very moved before by him, Sousuke was not he OMG AMAZING performance for me that it was for the majority of fandom. Neither was Asou-kun or that kid he played in Gambatte ikkimashoi. However I feel like Ryo totally brings to life the character of Taisuke and I'm getting such a kick out of watching him! I nearly died at him playing a b-boy in ep 5 and playing a creepy otaku type in ep 7. Not to mention his chemistry with the lovely toda erika is really high, I am such a ShiixTai shipper, that scene with him and her by the beach? ADORABLE <3 Though I know they wont work out in the end I like to dream XD plus maybe ryo will get erika to fall for him somehow, they'd be a cute couple dun lie!
For Blood Monday, I am quite enjoying the action packed and fast paced story, even if the majority of the characters feel rather thin and un-engaging to me. But hey at least it's not boring. So far I'm only up to ep 3, so I'll come back with more to say when I get farther in the drama.
Also worth mentioning is my latest kdrama obsession, Capital Scandal. I actually dont love it as much now as when I first started but the male cast is VERY appealing *__* but my biggest crush is on Song joo a total femme fatale and without a doubt the most complex, amazing badass character in the whole drama. Seriously you guys I'd watch it all again just for HER. I'm not really very into the main couple which sadly gets most of the airtime but all the other pairings and character interactions I enjoy greatly. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to get into kdrama or just something new. You can find it here:

I changed my layout recently, it's got a very fresh feeling I would say so CLICKIE CLICKIE -


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