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Hello flist! Lots to cover today but first things first:

Happy birthday [ profile] kipani_mariko!

I suck so much for not doing this yesterday but I had my reasons, namely being very out of it for most of yesterday and not realizing it was the 21st until very late. Tai's summer usually involves walking around barely realizing what time of day or date it is and plenty of junk food. I am so fat now. I'VE GAINED FIVE POUNDS *SOBS*

Anyway whining and excuses aside. You are a wonderful friend <3 and the last two years knowing you have been great, well not great in general but the time spent speaking to you itself was great! yes and I hope you have a really great year!
Ok ok that was the worst birthday blog post ever. -_- Hopefully my gift will make it up to you though, it should arrive by the next week or so. :D (with a colorful sappy card! yay!)

Tv: I have been watching alot of stuff lately! YAY. Mainly though I've recently gotten into Gossip Girl. Yes Gossip Girl. DEAL WITH IT.
Ahh it is such a great trainwreck show, with crazy drama and bitchy ladies and hot...everybody really. What I love most about gossip girl though? NONE of the female characters annoy me! NOT EVEN ONE! and The fandom isnt full of woman hating pyschos and slashers! (like almost every other fandom on the internet. But best part is there is FEMME SLASH. WAH IT EXISTS. It also has the best couple to ever exist on tv ever. Chuck & Blair. My glee tis a gleeful thing! )

Also Gossip Girl makes me really want to watch Skins. Which I have been meaning to watch for the last YEAR AND A HALF and still havent gotten around to it. FAIL
Speaking of BBC shows I want to see. North & South! I so need to see this! It looks awesome and sounds like a period drama with a bit of a romance plot which is my fave combination in a bbc drama! They do period dramas so so well.
In fact I was really looking forward to checking out their newest period drama Desperate Romantics. I was like "Ohhh a drama about the pre-raphaelite painters? Sounds interesting!" So then I go read up on the Pre-raphaelite painters, in one of my big art history books. So I can better appreciate the drama...BIG MISTAKE. Allow me a moment of ranting if you will ) That being said the New Romantics were totally the rock stars of their time in a way and so I do get why the BBC would make a show about them and I dont discourage anyone from seeing it. But then I would never discourage people from learning about history in any way. Perhaps more people will become interested in art history because of this show!

True Blood ep5: Alot of people hated this episode because it was slow moving and repetitive. all of this is true. however I did not hate it. Why? Because of this scene:

PURE EPIC. I suddenly wish the whole show was now about vampire viking erik and his pretty vampire buddy Godric and their travails through ancient Scandinavia.

Leverage: BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER BABY. Oh how did I manage so long without this show? ;_; I love how the shit has been switched up on Nate. Because after pretty much looking down on his team all of last season for being criminals (despite WORKING for him and using their shady expertise to help people the entire time) they have now latched unto him and own his apartment and they will never ever ever leave. plus Sophie moved on and got a new man! SUCK IT NATE. I also died laughing when I found out his apartment was placed OVER A BAR which is hilarious only if you know he's a recovering alcoholic. I swear that man is a masochist or in Eliot's words "Very Catholic". Also the Parker/Hardison moment <3
I am so looking forward to tonight's episode and YES I DID NOT FORGET THIS TIME ABOUT IT.

I really want to do an OTPs ranking lately. Mostly so I can have an excuse to gush about chuck/blair some more but really it sounds like a fun idea. I wanna do one for my platonic OTPs too actually...
Well that's all! You know you love me~XOXO (yes that is a gg reference. *dodges rocks*)
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Hello everyone. So today is my 21st birthday! I know traditionally this means you go celebrate in a bar or something but I dont do bars, group get togethers or alcohol. I completely do not drink nor plan to ever start. That being said, I've spent my day lazing about, watching the dvds I bought for myself, reading some romance novels and eating ice cream cake, which my dad got for me.

Thank you to everyone who's sent me birthday wishes! I'm really grateful and happy that so many people took the time to wish me a happy birthday. It's a small gesture but I really appreciate it, especially those who took the time to make me pretty little graphics or even get me something <333 you are all wonderful people and precious friends. and enjoy this while you all can cause I aint gonna be this warm and nice all the time. and Sonya you werent late ^^, it's still the 20th in my timezone.

I also mega sorry for the late replies in my last post, I replied to everyone but I confess it took me 3 days to get around to it. I really appreciate comments, I'm always happy to know people are reading and want to chat with me. But I confess I've had alot on my mind lately, when fall semester at my college resumes a new chapter in my life is going to be starting. Because I actually have goals I'm working towards now, I'm going to have my license finally and I will HOPEFULLY have lost damn weight by then but so far not doing very well on that account, I want to blame all the wonderful delicious carbs I eat but truth be told i've been lazy on the exercising. That being said, I promise to try harder to be more prompt with my replies!

I bought Shakespeare Retold from UK amazon, and while I didnt get ahold of a region free player like I wanted I managed to watch some of the DVD on my dad's computer, since my little netbook has no cd slot. BBC basically took popular Shakesperan Plays: taming of the shrew, much ado about nothing, midsummer nights dream and macbeth. And attempts to adapt them for a modern audience while casting the characters in modern day settings and situations. It's a pretty novel idea and since it's the BBC I figure it stands a chance of being really good too.

Thoughts+Impressions on Taming of the Shrew )
So I think it worked out well enough. I enjoyed it, I cant wait to see what they do with the rest of the plays. Especially one of my fave Shakespeare plays "A midsummer night's dream".
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Happy birthday [ profile] bakabanri!

Sabrina, even though you are really young, you have a great fondness for old things, be it men, music, movies or david bowie. and that's just one of the many fascinating things about you! I'm sorry one of you're favorite idols is having a rough time now, but hopefully things will turn out well in the end ^^ You are a fun, sweet and all around wonderful person sabs and I'm glad to have you as an online friend &hearts &hearts. I only regret that our time difference is so great we dont get to speak as often as I'd like. Hope you have a wonderful bday! and next year I'll steal the Doctor's tardis so I can visit you and then we can both go visit 70's and 80's era bowie ;D (present day one too if you like!)


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