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So Spain beat Germany! Crazy huh? I never saw it coming to be honest (but apparently, PAUL THE OCTOPUS DID) until the game then just watching how aggressive the spanish were being and how many shots they kept getting at the goal, I figured it was only a matter of time before they scored. What I didnt get was wtf the Germans were doing. Playing so defensively and before then I'd seen them play both offense and defense very well. Was the loss of Thomas Muller a big factor in this change of play style? (did they hear Paul's prediction and become nervous? lol jk)
Oh well eh? Third again it seems. Unless the Uruguayans come up with something tough in the runners up match on Saturday. I suppose it hurts less now than it did back in 06 ya? Or no? I for one cant lose this World Cup because I already lost! USA was out early on. and Argentina was completely crushed by Germany. Seriously the Argentines LOST their shit completely and were flailing around the field in a huff while the Germans practically danced in circles around them. talk about humiliation! (I will be sad to see ol Maradona go, sure he's a washed up ex druggie football player and probably helped popularize cheating in the sport but hey, he's also a laugh and a half! Plus he totes reminds me of my crazy grandma back home in Lebanon. for realz).
Brazil also lost rather shockingly to the Dutch. Or perhaps not so shockingly considering their lukewarm play throughout the tournament. Really It's a testament to Brazil's talent pool though that they could leave one of their best players at home and play half assed yet still advance to the quarter finals. Anyway, it's funny considering how poorly most of the Europeans did at the start that we are looking at an all Euro final once again. That said, I doubt anyone would have expected the Dutch to advance THIS far and for the Spanish this is their first final ever in WC history! Craziness! All those fancy Spanish clubs and that's the National Team's first time? I wonder who will win it. Either way it's gonna be a first time for one of these teams and that's pretty awesome to behold. I do love being privy to history. Sure all my teams went home but I'm not sad! Because one of my World Cup wishes did come true. Italy got knocked out! and Hella early! WOOOO KARMA IS A BITCH ITALY. *still angry about the 2006 WC final*

I will be sad when this World Cup ends. What will I do with my day hours now? Get work done? Prepare for classes in august? Start an exercise regime? Read all those books I keep saying I will read? BAH. Bah I say! (on the bright side this new surge of interest in Soccer from the US public seems to have convinced to start putting up matches from the big European leagues on their live streaming. WOOHOO. I get to keep following this stuff even after the WC is over! Now if only they would start actually airing this shit on tv. Sure I could shell out for Fox Soccer Channel but shoot, I aint rich! That stuff aint cheap man)
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I saw UP in theaters yesterday evening. It was a beautiful beautiful film and just like every other pixar movie before it, it made me cry. But it also made me smile from the bottom of my crooked heart by the end too. Their track record in films is truly amazing, and their brand of story telling so rare in hollywood. Pixar is truly one of the last hold outs in the film industry for good, pure, sincere, honest film-making that can appeal to a wide range of audiences. It's nice to know in this chaotic and uncertain world, you can always count on a pixar movie to be good and heartwarming.

Oh pixar, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... )

I'd love to hear from my flist about which pixar films are your favorites, so I made a handy dandy little poll here.

[Poll #1408911]

Yes I did just make an entire post about pixar movies. I know know I am so cool right?
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I said I was gonna do a drama post one day and here I am doing just that. This one is long because Yukan is an episodic drama. I'll come back later do a post on the rest of the dramas i am watching soon. On to the drama!

Perhaps there are few things in the world of tv dramas that is more tragic than a drama that had the potential to be really amazing but ultimately failed miserably or worse, was simply nothing other than mediocre.

Yuukan club is NOT one of those dramas. It was clear to me and I am sure to many others even before the first episode aired that this drama was going to end up being a cyclone of stupid. And in that respect Yuukan club does not disappoint.
But then what else could one expect from a cast compromised primarily of pop idols, a fashion model, and a plot pulled directly from a children’s comic book?
What I did not expect from Yuukan club was for it to be boring, which may very well be its biggest flaw of all.

A run down of the episodes I’ve seen so far. My impressions, in real time:

Episodes )

All in all Yukan club or rather Yuu-kun club to us eighters because I get the feeling that’s about 90% of the reason any of us are watching this
Seriously yuukan club must be so bad it’s almost GOOD. Honestly that’s the only explanation I can give for why I am still watching this, you know aside from the fact that I have a fangirl crush on Yoko and Jin is very easy on the eyes

Once the last 3 episodes of Yukan are done airing I’ll come back and give my thoughts on all of those episodes too. Because clearly you all want to hear them. :D


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