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That was...BEAUTIFUL. Two finales in two days is enough to do a poor girl's head in! But this was really a beautiful finale. I cried my eyes out!

I know some people hated that Alex and Gene couldnt stay together and Gene had to be alone in the end but I was totally cool with it. To me it had a certain poetry to it. I was very moved. He has a job he has to do and he can't leave. It's heartbreaking in a way but also hopeful. Because things go on. Just like life goes on and sometimes we lose people through death or other circumstances. and It hurts but we all move on. Watching the whole series come full circle and watching Gene say to the new guy the same words he told Sam in the very first episode of LOM was just, to me, beautiful. But then I do love a good cycle, must be the historian in me.

Alex realizing she was dead and then CRYING and begging to stay with Gene just BROKE my heart. It was so sad how she had to move on cause it was her time and I bet Gene wanted her to stay but she just couldn't ;_; SO SAD but so beautiful at the same time. I loved that Alex stuck with him to the end and while even though this ending was mainly about Gene, everyone still had an important role to play. Alex most of all. I don't feel like she overshadowed it, and even while Gene was celebrated here, I dont feel like he was completely canonized or glorified.

Other things I loved about this finale:
I love also that Keats was a Club Tropicana fan. THE MUSIC OF EVIL.
ELEVATORS TO HELL! EEEEEE (I also feel vindicated now in my decision to never take elevators)
AND SHAZ! SHAZ IS FROM THE NINETIES! AND SHE GOT PROMOTED AT LAST. AND SHE LOVES CHRIS! FOREVER AND EVER! D'AWWWWWW <3 I love how even after that they still gave us some adorable Chris/Ray too. OT3 to the end!
JUST BEAT IT! that was such a badass scene
"I am arresting you for killing my car!"
Shaz kneeing the dutch guy and then putting a gun to his head. A+
Alex's shoes <3
The kiss! I wasnt a big shipper during S2, though I kind of liked Galex in S1 and then S3 renewed my affection for the ship.
Dixie from Dock Green closing out the series! That was great! I just love references like that.
The very classic THE END to end the series. That is just. God so perfect. As a lover of stories and film it's just, so classic and perfect.
Basically everything! :D

Can't believe it's over. But...even though the show is over, I'd like to think this world and these characters will continue to live in our hearts and minds (and fanfiction).
So in the immortal words of Porky Pig:
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Basically I have SO MANY feelings about Community's finale last night. That I actually wrote a goddamn essay. God what is this show doing to me. At this rate, I'll be writing fanfics soon.

You know the more I read people's reactions about Community last night, the sadder I feel. This was such a positive, sweet and fun fandom and now things are turning really ugly and negative. Yet, I can understand very well why people are angry. This isn't just people whining over their ship not getting enough attention or whining about too many parodies (those people could be laughed off) now there is anger and fury at the way the women were handled, at how Jeff is suddenly most eligible greendale bachelor, how the ensemble dynamic was spoiled and how Britta was cruelly treated and written OOC.
Though I do not agree wholeheartedly with all of this, I do agree with alot of it. The unfortunate implications in the finale were really at astronomical levels and I find it hard to believe that Dan Harmon DOESNT know that. I've been reading this guys blog and twitter regularly like the crazy stalker fan that I am and this is guy is not an oblivious fool nor does he strike me as a sexist asshole. So I am left feeling very confused as to what his intentions were with this finale. What's his plan? Why have the girls fight each other? Why have Britta make a fool of herself? Why have Annie and Jeff make out at the worst time possible? That said, I do feel like there was a REASON for all this, not just to shock the audience or take potshots at Britta, but real narrative reasons.
I feel like Harmon understands the art of storytelling better than most. By that I mean, I think he is very aware how people can read television and how television affects and influences people. As I said to someone else at the community-tv comm, Community is as much a show about television and all the cliches and tropes found there-in as much as it is a show about students in community college.
Here is where I try to analyze the events of the finale & the contents of Harmon's twisted mind and come to some conclusions )

I suppose all that's left to do now, is to wait and see what happens and hope that this show really is as smart as we'd all like it to be. Well, for now. I'm gonna keep the faith. Don't let me down show!

(Basically though, my favorite things about this episode were the Chang/Duncan fight and Troy with his big cookie of epiphany)

Sup y'all~

Sep. 14th, 2009 07:05 pm
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So my last post was kind of angry and I wrote it in a flurry of caffeinated rage. Basically before yesterday I hadnt updated for a while and wasnt really commenting on my flist's entries for the most part. The reason is I am very busy lately with school, with getting my life together because I'm getting older, my parents are getting more burdened with expenses from my siblings and I basically need to start focusing on getting my shit together and being independent already. The only reason I havent announced a hiatus is because I do like to update my lj and respond to friend's entries whenever I feel like it. So I'll pop in now and then to say hi to people or talk about shit in my lj, but otherwise I just wont be as active online for awhile.
Anyway moving on..

I changed my layout a little while ago, it is now very pink with some black. I tend to alternate between black and pink alot with my layout coloring choices. Methinks after this one it's time to change things up. Maybe dabble in purples and yellows for a while.


Leverage 209 - a bit anticlimactic for a mid season break, but it's understandable considering it wasnt originally planned for that. That being said I enjoyed it alot and I love how Tara was introduced to the team. I'm gonna miss Sophie the elegant European grifter but Tara the tough American grifter seems pretty cool too. I think the best part of the episode was Nate's HORRIBLE suits. God they were so ridiculous I loved each and every one of them. I loved Nate's character's last name "poppadockalas"? I wish he'd play that character every episode. I cant decide who I like more nate's sleazy lawyer persona or his go as a quirky german headmaster of a private school. both of those were GOLD. *sigh* no Leverage till January :(

Psych 4x05 - I am so glad this show is back! That week it skipped due to it being labor day weekend just about killed me. I need a steady dose of Psych in my life or I start to go into horrible withdrawal, I get a rash and everything people srsly. This was a great episode, I loved the beginning the most though. I really love how psych is balancing the humor and the drama lately, I mean it's definitely let itself get more intense with the cases in the later seasons but I still enjoy the show so much. It's just alot of fun no matter what. I felt the first episodes of the season were weak but everything since then has been great. and I CANT WAIT for the bollywood episode! I just know it's going to be awesome. and unlike the telenovela episode (which I loved anyway) I will actually get most of the jokes and references. Since my parents love bollywood and I've seen more than my share of bollywood films (ok about 3...and a 1/2. but believe me, it is enough)

True Blood S2 Finale This was very much not what I was expecting. and by that I mean. Deeply anti climactic. Alan Ball said this finale would be very satisfying. YOU LIED TO ME BALL! Don’t think I will forget this!
spoilers beyond this point )

Jane Eyre 2006 - started this and havent seen the final ep yet but I am struck by the liberties BBC took with the plot on this one. Usually BBC is all about being faithful to the source material. I imagine it's because they did a Jane Eyre adaptation 20 years prior and decided that this time they could just go crazy with it. That being said I cant blame them for trying to make Rochester seem like less of a douchebag. Because OMG he was so unpleasant in the book and to cap it off UGLY. I keep thinking the only reason Jane got with him was cause she was too low on herself to think she could ever do better. Plus he had money, after starving most of your life you'd probably marry any schmuck with a fancy coin purse. I think the best part is when they show Rochester's wife and she turns about to be this beautiful but insane spanish woman and she starts shrieking at Jane when she sees her "PUTA, PUTAAAA" omg I cracked up SO HARD. This is totally the crack version of Jane Eyre. Also WTF Rochester, he is ridiculously good looking and kept going on about how he is so ugly and no one can love him even though there was a gorgeous blond trying to marry him for the first 3 episodes so wtf is he on about? (he insists it's cause of his money which...ok valid) but srsly I think I yelled at my screen once "OMG STOP BEING A FUCKING GIRL AND SUCK IT UP" so ridiculous. But this is why I would never be the heroine of a romance novel or a Gothic horror novel. Cause I'd tell the Hero to STFU everytime he whined and I would NOT follow the creepy laughter in the dark ominous hallway. OMG WHY DO THAT? WHAT GOOD CAN COME OF IT?

I will end this post by saying NEW GOSSIP GIRL TONIGHT! GLEEEE~
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So I just saw the A2A finale. To sum up my reaction in a word: just in case someone considers this spoilery )

That's the nutshell version.

Here's the long semi-coherent version: YOU'VE JUST BEEN QUATTRO'D...BITCH! )

Also is it just me, or is that roxy music song "While my heart is still beating" lyrics oddly relevant to Alex? I mean, just look:

Wheres it all leading?
Tell me where?
I never will lay down
While my heart is still beating
Where´s it all leading?
Am I still dreaming?
I´d better be strong now
I´d better stop dreaming

Makes you think of Alex and her dilemma doesnt it? Or at least it makes ME think of her.

I normally dont blog about the Ashes episodes, but today I just had to. That was an amazing finale. Next year cant come fast enough!
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So I changed my layout recently. It's not quite April yet but I figured no reason I should have to wait that long before I change it. I wasnt happy with the lemon one anyway, and the resolution wasnt working with my tiny laptop screen. <--- cliiiick, you know you want to!

Anyway now for the real reason for this post. I feel bad I havent been responding to comments lately :( Because I've been overwhelmed with school and just plain couldnt think up proper responses half the time. From now on I will be good though! I also have a backlog of memes to do that I promised others I"d do...I'll get to it guys I swear ;_;

For now here's something sweet and to the point I saw on my flist-

Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you.

&hearts flist &hearts


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