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Title is courtesy of the brilliant twisted writer on the true blood staff who decided to name one of the vampire porno flicks on sookie's tv in her texas hotel room with that title. Really the fact that their is vampire porno flicks at all is kind of awesome.

True Blood 2-04
Ok this episode was AWESOME from start to finish. I've been enjoying the season so far but alot of bits of each episode were boring or moved slowly for me. Now that the stories are starting to converge and really get going, the show is becoming much more fast paced and enjoyable. So much crazy shit happened in this ep, and I'm again reminded of why despite the ridiculous stuff that happens this show never takes itself too seriously, it's FUN to watch and when it's not fun it can really be a terrifying horror esque show. I for one enjoy the flexibility in tone.

This shit is BANANAS )

PS: It's a shame there's alot of people not happy about Evan Rachel wood being cast in the show as the queen vampire of Louisiana. I mean she's one of the few actual southern actors! Or maybe I'm just happy about her being there cause she's from my city and state. North Carolina REPRESENT.


Currently reading "Dont Tempt Me" (among other things) the latest novel out by the awesome Loretta Chase and the second novel in her "fallen women" series, the first being "Your Scandalous Ways" which was about a courtesan and I have not read yet but plan to. I heard alot of mixed reviews about "dont tempt me" and so I worried I wouldnt like it but it's actually rather lovely so far!

My impressions so far )

Frankly I'm happy Chase has started this series cause while I loved Mr Impossible, the rest of the Heroines of the carsington series books (her last series), were kind of boring. They pretty much all had that same stuffy super practical keep their emotions close to the vest thing going even if deep down they were much more lively that particular trait just gets old after a while, and it's cool if it was one heroine or two but pretty much every single one of them was like that (well admittedly not as much bathsheba the heroine of Lord Perfect, though she was nothing extraordinary either), while there was a much greater variation in the personalities of the Carsington brothers. So Chase writing heroines that are alot different from the ones she's had in the past is a very good thing. and Really it's about time the not so pristine and virtuous ladies of romancelandia got some love too!

The next book in this series incidentally is a continuation of Peregrine and Olivia's story. Who were both precocious quirky teenagers back in the Carsington series book "Lord Perfect' and despite being secondary characters in that novel they were what made it worth reading for me. So I am VERY excited to see what happened to them after 8 or some years. Yet another reason to look forward to 2010, it just cant come quick enough for me now.
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Hello flist~ I want to talk about all the exciting things that have happened to me lately but the fact of the matter is, nothing exciting has happened. I suppose I should be upset but I confess I've been enjoying books enough lately not to care. Speaking of which!

Books: I thought about posting more reviews but for now I'll just list out what books I've read so far lately. Books are in the order I've read them. The ones I really liked have a star/asterisk next to them.

The list! ) I might not write reviews for everything but I do want to share my impressions for all of them down the road.

Tv: I've not been watching very much lately but yesterday I did watch the premier of True Blood's new season and the show is as trashy and bloody as I remember and I love it! True Blood S2-1 )
Also Surpersizers Go....which I've been watching lately. Is a VERY awesome program. It is in a nutshell about a very funny lady who does radio and a very gluttonous man who is a resturant critic and their adventures in the past culinary exploits of England. Period dress and incredibly ridiculous antics on behalf of our intrepid hosts make appearances as well. As Hilarious as Sue and Giles are, I watch for the history and culinary focus of the show, it is a surprisingly educational show despite being such fun to watch. Superiszers returns started last night and I dled the lovely first ep, where sue and giles go back to the 80's! Very good timing considering the recent craze for 80's things jump started by A2A in the UK lately. I cant wait to see it, their costumes looked hysterical.

Dramas: I havent watched much dramas this season, part of this is all the reading and UK tv watching I've been doing, the other reason is that dramas just sucked this season. Speaking of sucking, Thoughts on MR BRAIN )
I'm debating on whether I want to check out Toma's drama, Majo Saiban. I rarely feel disappointed by anything he's in, so I might just watch it for him.

A drama I have been watching and actually enjoying so far is Black & White which is a very awesome TW drama that I recommend EVERYONE watch. It has everything! Gun fights, intrigue, shadowy organizations, mobsters, mercenaries, cops, humor, ANGST, love, dangerous ladies, vic zhou AND very hot hate!sex. You cant go wrong really. Unless your name rhymes with sorry and you hate vic zhou, but it's not like I know anyone like that...
The thing I love about B&W the most though is the large cast and how expansive the world of B&W feels, despite the big cast I rarely felt overwhelmed cause they manage to balance that with the plot and introduce characters gradually as they become important. It's very tightly written and exciting tv, and a nice change from all those cutesy romantic dramas Taiwan is known for.
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So I just saw the A2A finale. To sum up my reaction in a word: just in case someone considers this spoilery )

That's the nutshell version.

Here's the long semi-coherent version: YOU'VE JUST BEEN QUATTRO'D...BITCH! )

Also is it just me, or is that roxy music song "While my heart is still beating" lyrics oddly relevant to Alex? I mean, just look:

Wheres it all leading?
Tell me where?
I never will lay down
While my heart is still beating
Where´s it all leading?
Am I still dreaming?
I´d better be strong now
I´d better stop dreaming

Makes you think of Alex and her dilemma doesnt it? Or at least it makes ME think of her.

I normally dont blog about the Ashes episodes, but today I just had to. That was an amazing finale. Next year cant come fast enough!
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Been a busy week or so, Here's a recap of what I've been up to for the past few weeks-

Firstly my lj has undergone a MASSIVE make over. I changed the layout and made edits to my interests, my communities, my userpics, my profile and did some locking and unlocking on various journal entries. Even my name changed now. I just got tired of the same old "Taima: crash of thunder" thing.
I recently got into an indie jrock band called "Baseball Bear" and as it is indie AND Japanese there is of course not much info that can be found about them. at least not in english of course. but all you really need to know, is how awesome their songs are.

Here's my favorite

a live performance of Matsuri no Ato and if you like that one then you can find a bunch other videos for them linked to the same YT page. I'd recommend: dakeshimetai, changes, aishiteru, crazy no kisetsu ga, and manatsu no jouken.
Next, my love for western television has been rekindled with new force, particularly my love for UK tv dramas. They are short, they are well written and best of all they are chock full of ENGLISH ACCENTS WOO! Seriously, so far I've watched Life on Mars S1, most of S2 and all of Ashes to Ashes S1, the spin off for LOM. I know spin off makes people go EWWW, but it's a really great show and manages to be different enough from LOM. I've also become insanely fond of Philip glenister and John simm cause of these shows. and I spent last night perusing forums for LOM and A2A, and watching a bunch of guest appearances of Glenister on various talk shows. It is SO nice to be able to understand everything that is being said on a talk show for a change. More blabbing about UK shows under the cut )
thanks to A2A and LOM, I've been listening to nothing but 70's and 80's music for the past week. and I have no regrets! *goes back to dancing to the Stranglers*
As far as American tv goes, I'm really into Leverage (a show on TNT) and The Mentalist (bizarro procedural drama on CBS). I will definitely be making posts for all my current show obsessions, down the road. But I want to actually finish some or most of my assignments before I do. Since knowing me I will ramble on immensely XD especially for Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes.
I've been hella busy with school work, I'm seriously up to my neck in assignments. My English essay, art museum assignment, art project and presentation is on Monday (which I told the teacher I wouldnt be able to make it because I'd be in Virginia. Except. I'm not. XD). Anyway, this is partially why I've been avoiding LJ and MSN lately. The other reason would be all the shows I've been watching in between working. But pffft who needs human interaction when you have TV!
Thanks to all the shows I've been watching lately I have a affinity for the crime genre lately. If this keeps up I'll be watching The Departed and Resevoir dogs soon. or rewatching Pulp Fiction cause I've been wanting to rewatch for the longest time now. Sam "the man" Jacksooooon!
Well that's all.


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