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Doing a meme since I havent done one in a while.

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, answer these questions. You can't use the band that I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)"

Pick your Artist: Gravenhurst

Are you a male or female? Diane
Describe yourself: She Dances (then she dances, skirt swaying in the half light, she dances, white blossom in the black sky. "i need new clothes" she thinks, "new skin, I mind I can bear to live in. to live in")
How do you feel? Underfoot
Describe where you currently live? Western Lands
If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Down River
Your favorite form of transportation: Tunnels
Your best friend is: Herne the Hunter
You and your best friends are: Animals
What's the weather like?: Flashlight Seasons
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called? Internal Travels
What is life to you? Hourglass
Your relationship: A Call to Arms
Your fear: The Silent Age
Thought for the Day: Trust (is hard to come by these days)
How I would like to die: Ice On Black Water
My soul's present condition: Damage
My motto: I turn my face to the forest floor

This was strangely very fun and also surprisingly therapeutic. Of course this IS one of my most favorite bands. but now I have strong desire to do this with Arcade Fire songs next. We'll see.

For shits and giggles I'll tag some people to do this: [ profile] sibarita, [ profile] meganbmoore, [ profile] kaede_hikari, [ profile] bakabanri, [ profile] ashkt, [ profile] jigglykat, [ profile] araanaz9, [ profile] cranberrysheep, [ profile] cobblestones, [ profile] dioraddictxx, [ profile] ohvienna, [ profile] arcady, [ profile] tardisdoll
of course participation is entirely optional

Also in case anyone wants to add me there, I have a dreamwidth:
I have successfully (mostly) and with great effort managed to transfer an lj layout onto my dw account, via tampering with some very complicated code. No I did not suddenly become advanced at html programming over night. I used this: very handy tutorial. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to import an lj layout onto dreamwidth.

I also have at least 1 dreamwidth invite code so if anyone wants that then say so. first come first serve, unless someone I really like comes after you asking for it in which case tough shit. I few people I like that much though so odds are in your favor.
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Playing For Change | Song Around The World "Stand By Me" from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

I think everyone should watch this. I find it a nice remedy to the all the cynicism I run into on a daily basis. It's a beautiful world people, if you look hard enough.

PS. I will be updating with a proper post later on, either today or at the end of the week. There are some flist related things I need to address.
PPS. today a girl during my lab shift asked me for help and turned out her name was "Stephanie Bollinger" I had to try so hard not to laugh. She kept giving me a strange look which I think means I didnt succeed very well. Clearly fandom is addling my brain.
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Been a busy week or so, Here's a recap of what I've been up to for the past few weeks-

Firstly my lj has undergone a MASSIVE make over. I changed the layout and made edits to my interests, my communities, my userpics, my profile and did some locking and unlocking on various journal entries. Even my name changed now. I just got tired of the same old "Taima: crash of thunder" thing.
I recently got into an indie jrock band called "Baseball Bear" and as it is indie AND Japanese there is of course not much info that can be found about them. at least not in english of course. but all you really need to know, is how awesome their songs are.

Here's my favorite

a live performance of Matsuri no Ato and if you like that one then you can find a bunch other videos for them linked to the same YT page. I'd recommend: dakeshimetai, changes, aishiteru, crazy no kisetsu ga, and manatsu no jouken.
Next, my love for western television has been rekindled with new force, particularly my love for UK tv dramas. They are short, they are well written and best of all they are chock full of ENGLISH ACCENTS WOO! Seriously, so far I've watched Life on Mars S1, most of S2 and all of Ashes to Ashes S1, the spin off for LOM. I know spin off makes people go EWWW, but it's a really great show and manages to be different enough from LOM. I've also become insanely fond of Philip glenister and John simm cause of these shows. and I spent last night perusing forums for LOM and A2A, and watching a bunch of guest appearances of Glenister on various talk shows. It is SO nice to be able to understand everything that is being said on a talk show for a change. More blabbing about UK shows under the cut )
thanks to A2A and LOM, I've been listening to nothing but 70's and 80's music for the past week. and I have no regrets! *goes back to dancing to the Stranglers*
As far as American tv goes, I'm really into Leverage (a show on TNT) and The Mentalist (bizarro procedural drama on CBS). I will definitely be making posts for all my current show obsessions, down the road. But I want to actually finish some or most of my assignments before I do. Since knowing me I will ramble on immensely XD especially for Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes.
I've been hella busy with school work, I'm seriously up to my neck in assignments. My English essay, art museum assignment, art project and presentation is on Monday (which I told the teacher I wouldnt be able to make it because I'd be in Virginia. Except. I'm not. XD). Anyway, this is partially why I've been avoiding LJ and MSN lately. The other reason would be all the shows I've been watching in between working. But pffft who needs human interaction when you have TV!
Thanks to all the shows I've been watching lately I have a affinity for the crime genre lately. If this keeps up I'll be watching The Departed and Resevoir dogs soon. or rewatching Pulp Fiction cause I've been wanting to rewatch for the longest time now. Sam "the man" Jacksooooon!
Well that's all.
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So lately I've gotten into this female idol group. I love them so much i have now dedicated a whole post to their gloriousness. So without further ado, I give you:



So who are these lovely ladies? Firstly introductions, from left to right, Nocchi (short hair), Kashiyuka (long hair) and Ah-chan (wavy hair).

Perfume is a techno pop group of three 19-20 yr old girls from Hiroshima ken...and ok that's all I know -_-. I really know very little about them since they have zero english fandom and thusly very sparse info is floating around the net about them in english. woe is me ;_; BUT! what I do know is they have AWESOMELY AWESOME CATCHY SONGS THAT OMG YOU ALL NEED TO LISTEN TO RIGHT NOW. SRS.

I LOVE THIS SONG OMG OMG OMG LIKE LOOOOOOVE. It's my fave perfume song which is saying alot cause I love them all. But electro world is totally my fave, this one has english subs and in fact the lyrics are really cool. I even like their cutesy dances and coordinated outfits. I WANT ALL OF AH-CHAN'S DRESSES &hearts&hearts&hearts

  • Computer City: I think this might actually be my second favorite song of the bunch I dont know why, I just know I've listened to this one and electro world 29830830928x and I'm STILL not sick of either song.
  • Secret Secret: I really like the futuristic vibe in this vid but mostly I like the beat. IT'S CATCHY OK? JUST LISTEN TO IT.
  • Polyrythm: their outfits in this vid are super cute. Also apparently this song was used as a commercial on NHK for eco awareness. Which explains the heart shaped earth that pops up at the end of the vid.
  • Baby Cruising Love: dont let the super cutesy title of this song send you for the hills it's really fun to listen to. plus if you dont know what they are saying it doesnt matter how dumb the song is. XD
  • Chocolate Disco: this is actually the first perfume song I ever heard but I didnt actually know who they were or the title of the song at first. I just accidently ripped it when I was ripping some streaming vids of YT. I liked the song but it wasnt until later after seeing Perfume on DK (domoto kyoudai, you know Kinki Kids talk show) that i looked a bit into their music and realized they were the ones who sang that song XD. It's really cute and catchy, and Nocchi's tight shiny green pants are kind of awesome. Try not to ponder too much about why they keep singing "chocolato disco" over and over. cause really it just wouldnt be jpop if the english actually made sense.

    and Finally to wrap this poor excuse for a pimp post here is Perfume's newest song and music video:

    Love the World

    I REALLY adore this song. It grows on me everytime I listen to it. I like the monochrome look of the video too. and once again AH-CHAN I WANT YOUR DRESS. *__*

    Perfume is rising in popularity now in Japan so they have been on several variety and music bangumi's. Two notable ones being Domoto Kyoudai and SmapxSmap. If anyone is curious to see Perfume's guest appearances on either show here's some links.

    [Domoto Kyoudai] 20 April, 2008 Perfume as the guest: I loved watching this, not just cause I LOVE kinki kids but because Ah-chan was really hilarious. She's kind of a like a girly female version of aiba and nagase. basically she's an idiot but in the endearing way. I'll confess though the best part in the ep for me was the sweet kinki love <3
    SMAPxSMAP 2008.06.23-GUEST PERFUME: I havent seen this yet but apparently 3 members of smap dress up as them and do a monomane at some point. at the end Smap and Perfume perform together. A gay ole time was had by all I'm sure. emphasis on the gay.
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    I love enka and one day I will do a post about my favorite artists/songs. But in the meantime, allow me to show introduce you all to a NEW kind of enka singer. Ladies and....ladies, meet JERO.

    "the big news this week was the debut of Jero, billed as Japan's first black enka singer.

    Originally from Pittsburgh, the 26-year-old Jero (whose full name is Jerome White, Jr.) grew up listening to enka due to his Japanese grandmother. He moved to Japan in 2003 after graduating from college, and last week he released his first single, "Umiyuki."
    It took 4th on the charts with almost 35,000 in sales. Not counting artists that originally were part of a group, this is the highest ranking for a debut single by a solo enka singer."
    ~from tokyograph

    enka in urban street wear, now i've seen everything. All he needs to do now is a collab with a japanese rapper and then my brain can finally explode (with happiness, cause honestly nothing shocks me anymore XD).


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