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EPIC WIN. This musical managed in six minutes to not only encapsulate the entirety of 10's tenure in a really clever and hilarious way, it actually made him endearing to me. Which I can say with confidence was something RTD failed to do in the four years Ten was around. But seriously the editing, the use of music all A+++ here.

I can now go to bed with a smile on my face! (even though my essay from hell IS STILL NOT DONE AAGHGHHGHGH!!!)
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Dear Who Fandom, please stop calling Amy a "Mary Sue" or "Very Special" because she did two rather mundane things that happened to help the doctor alot, like notice something he didnt notice because his back was turned and he was too busy being angsty and all-knowing to notice anything else anyway. Also just because Amy helped the Doctor diffuse the Dalek Bomb with her own humanity does not mean she is going to take over the show/turn into rose/make the doctor look useless etc etc and I think we can all agree that was a shit storyline anyway.
Seriously you guys, I know RTD gave everyone a major complex because of how much he fucked shit up, but SERIOUSLY, cut that shit out. Like now. Some love. ~Tai

Dear Mark Gatiss, I think you are a crap writer. Not the worst ever maybe sure but this episode of Who was possibly the most boring and pointless Who episode I've ever seen and that's saying alot considering I saw "Last of the Time Lords". Also you majorly suck at writing companions. Basically just quit. No love. ~Tai

Dear English final paper. I fucking hate you. ~Tai
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First of all happy halloween everyone! I actually started writing this post yesterday and finished it now. I wish I had something halloweeny to post today but I really dont. I thought about posting about horror films I liked over the years, until I realized I barely ever watch any and most of the ones I've seen are asian. So not very halloweeny then.

So because I am in the midst of yet another celebreity fixation/crush etc, this time I am actually going to post about it. My last one, for anyone who is curious, was the lovely John Simm (who I am still fond of, of course just in a less...obssesive manner) and this time it is Tim Roth.
I know you must be asking yourself now "Is she going to devote a whole post to Tim Roth?" and Yes, yes I am." and if you are thinking "But why?" I have only one response for you. "Why not?"

So my first run in with Roth was in the classic film Pulp Fiction. In comemoration of that, a clip:

I love how Roth pretty much speaks the same way in Lie to Me. With that slight (and sometimes not so slight) cockney. It's funny but it was also weird as hell to hear him without it in Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead. Speaking of which!

I saw the film last night. It was alot of fun, plenty of silly wordplay but I think Gary Oldman just about stole the show from Tim on a few occasions. He was really good and funny, Tim got to be the smart one in that pair while poor ol Roscencrantz (Oldman) was often two steps behind, not that it stopped him from making of a bunch of scientific discoveries (though without actually realizing their significance at all. lol) Both men spent the majority of the film disoriented and more than a little confused. It was fun watching Roth and Oldman mess around for pretty much most of the movie. Just to give an idea of the tone, here is a couple of short clips:

I personally loved how Rosencrantz would fuck around and do dumb things and Guildenstern (Roth) would glare at him or scold him most of the time but other times just play along. It was also funny how Guildenstern kept having these existential and philosphical thoughts and theories, often hilariously convoluted. Oldman and Roth played really well off each other. I was sad when the movie ended as it meant no more tomfoolery from those two. Speaking of the end my thoughts on the grand finish aka spoilers! ) In more shallow observations I was surprised by how thick Roth's hair used to look. Man 19 years will really do a number on your hairline.

This morning I saw another old film starring the Roth. It is called Captives. The story is about a female dentist, who is working in a british prison (WHY is she working there you ask? I have no idea. Girlfriend is crazy obv) and Roth is an inmate and thusly one of her patients and...well I think you can see where this is going. But just in case you cant I'll spell it out. THEY FALL IN LUURRRRVE. But the movie is thankfully not even remotely sappy but instead dark, intense, dirty and a little bit violent. Just how I like all my love stories! Anyway I wont put any clips but rather here is a link to the whole film on YT:

On an objective level the film is deeply mediocre, I mean I enjoyed it because it had Tim Roth lol. In fact if anyone wants a non fangirl serious review of the film you can find one here: I stumbled on to it by accident. But it sums up the film very well. I think for all it's faults it's worth it to watch Tim talking with that cockney of his and using those menacing stares he pretty much uses in every thing he's been in even when he's not supposed to be menacing, seriously I dont even think he was trying to be menacing half the time he was staring at the heroine in this film but it just LOOKS menacing anyway! I figure half the time he was supposed to be staring at the heroine with affection or wariness but he just looks like he wants to eat her. and not in the good way, but in the hannibal lector way.

Photobucket a random cap.

Oh! Funny bit of trivia. Anthony Hopkins was kind of not sure he wanted to play Hannibal, so the movie execs were considering Tim Roth instead! So if Hopkins had turned it down, Roth would have likely been Hannibal. Imagine that, Roth, a small menacing cannibal. Sorry I know I'll never get tired of making cracks about his height (or his age *immature*) but I have no doubt he would have been a suitably terrifying Hannibal. At least if his character in Rob Roy is anything to go by. For those who havent seen Rob Roy. Roth's character in that film was pretty much a sociopath. A clip! for anyone curious of Archibald Cunningham, the villainous english count Roth played:

Finally to conclude this very pointless post. I will give you the reason this whole thing started. Two...three words "Lie to Me". Now as you all know, I checked the show on a whim cause roth was in it and I liked the premise. and a new love was born! So I will end with a Lie to Me picspam...or rather I WAS going to but then I got tired and swamped with school work again. So here's a link to a bunch to a post with lots of pretty caps instead:

Everyone should check out Lie to Me. It's an awesome show, and you get to see Tim Roth point and yell at people "You're lying!" what more could you need to have an enriching television experiance?
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I saw the film Waitress last night. It's a really beautiful film and I recommend it to everyone. I thought the story was very empowering and uplifting, particularly to women who are having a hard time the way the heroine of the film was. She's undergoing alot but she's never self pitying or defeatist and at the end she makes two very important and powerful decisions about her life. It's hard for me to go into detail beyond this without spoiling, and I really want people to go into this as I did, blind. Nathan Fillion was really lovely in it and charming, it was odd to see him play an awkward slightly nervous guy since the last time I saw him he was leading a ship of misfits across space. some words about Nathan Fillion and Castle )

I also attempted to watch Vampire Diaries last night, and unfortunately I just couldnt stand it. It's not that it was bad (well it IS bad but that's not the problem) I mean I expected to be more witty and occult I guess? It just felt like your typical teen show but with vampires in it. more bitching here ) Ah well, cant love em all I guess!

I've decided to drop Gossip Girl and House. I'll follow House's proceedings via the house_cuddy comm, since that's really the only aspect of the show I care much about. and While I love hugh laurie and I'll keep an eye on him as house because of that, I was never particularly fond of the character House himself. He's kind of a huge douche. which I get is the point but still.

In other news Glee continues to be blah but I cant stop watching it just yet. (especially not after that recent news about whedon directing an ep!) I liked the whole Puck/Rachel thing in this weeks ep, I hope they actually can form a friendship at some point but the ending didnt really seem to support that personally I think it's a little odd how little puck seems to be bothered that quin is carrying his CHILD, but previews for the next week or so seem to indicate he hasnt totally forgotten about that (I also FFed through very Emma/Willa scene, they annoyed me that much with their treacly saccharine crap that just glosses over the fact that they are both selfish cheating assholes)

I Love Community. Have I said that? I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I want more people to watch this show so bad. Hell if I can figure out a way to do so, I wanna send a letter to Dan Harmon thanking him for making this show so even if it does get cancelled after this season he knows there are people who appreciated his effort and his story. Apparently Community and it's characters were based heavily on Harmon's own experiances which explains so much why it feels so real and honest even when it's being quirky and odd in it's humor or plots. I love how real everything feels honestly and I sympathize so strongly with alot of the characters. It's strange how familiar alot of them feel, and each day I find myself relating with Britta more strongly. the reasons this show is so wonderful to me ) Anyway everyone NEEDS to watch this, it's funny, it's fresh, it's not full of horrible gender and race cliches, it's smart and best of all it'll make you smile at the end. I gaurantee you, everytime. I am still SO HAPPY THAT IT GOT A FULL SEASON ORDER. However I realized something, I'm not happy enough with just one season. I want another and another and another! So that's why, I am doing a damn pimp post. All y'all better prepare yourselves!

Lie to Me this week was also amazing and I went through a ridiculous amount of grief to finally get a hold of the file since I only got half the ep thanks to stupid baseball running over time. However it was all worth it cause it was a GREAT intense ep, tim roth excels so much at the intense stuff and my shipper heart did many leaps at all the lovely Cal/Gillian interaction at the end. This show just gets better every week. I am counting down the days to the inevitable Cal kicks everyone's ass in poker episode. I loved it when Pysch did it, and I loved it when The Mentalist did it and I know I'm gonna love it when Lie2Me does it too. (speaking of the Roth, I recieved my DVD copy of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead yesterday! CANT WAIT TO WATCH IT *bounces with joy*)

To conclude this entry: White Collar's pilot airs tonight! (one of these days I am gonna watch Burn Notice. I have a feeling I'd like it)
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Merlin 202: Loved it and I dont give a shit what fandom is saying. I'm just going to start ignoring merlin fandom like I do true blood fandom. Cause I can see already it's just gonna be waves of annoying bitching every week and you know what? I can do without it. One thing I will say is, the way the writers have consistently failed to actually give Gwen any significant characterization is fucked up and I'm going to give them until the end of this season to change that before I start to reconsider how much I like this show. Cause I'll be honest, I like arthur and merlin but I'm watching for the girls at this point.

Anyway now why did I love it? The premiere was meh to me but this was better. For one we saw arthur get just a bit more self aware, not much though, we saw the seeds of arthur/gwen finally sown. Merlin finally lost his shit at being treated like crap all the time. Gwen got to have more than five lines. Someone finally told Arthur in plain words what a dick he is. and the villain of the week actually came off as scary and threatening this time. I'm sad we've seen the last of him.


I laughed so hard I turned blue. It's doubly funny when you factor in that Bradley James cant cook to save his life either. Bless whoever came up with the plot development of Arthur attempting to cook, I'm just sorry we didnt actually see him do anything. Cant wait to see Morgana's ep next week though! I was sad she wasnt in the ep more but I can forgive it if it means next week it's all about her.

The Mentalist 201: quite an opener here. the tone is a bit darker now and I cant decide if I like that or not yet. I do know that Simon Baker's smile still makes me melt into a puddle of goo every time. *sigh* I love how we're gonna have a jane vs bosco thing this season. bosco is jane's polar opposite and a worthy opponent and I LOVE IT. other things I loved )

Glee 04: This show is seriously blowing my mind with how good it's getting. I mean Quin pregnant? by Puck? Except she told Finn it's His? Heck yes! Quin/Puck is totally the new Chuck/Blair y'all. and Will's wife Scary Terri (as I have now dubbed her) has reached new heights of crazy and wants Quin's baby. and Sue actually said something INSPIRING in the middle of one of her crazy tirades. ALSO football players dancing to beyonce! Superfab Kurt can kick like a pro! Puck joins glee club! I LOVE THIS SHOW.

Psych 4x07: So so so good. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face pysch <3 ILU to bits. I just, I love how every week I feel like this is the best ep of the season. and this week is no different. That Boyz II men acapella version of the psych theme song was the best thing ever. I vote for it to replace the original theme..
Shawn: I wish I'd known you when you were black )

House 601: I have not watched this show since 2004, and I do know most of what's going on at the moment though, since I kept tabs on House/Cuddy/Wilson over the years (a ship(s?) I have a big soft spot for) I watched this premiere monday on a whim more than anything but wow, that shit was good. andre braugher pwnd house! )I wanna try to watch it even though I know it's gonna go back to being a medical procedural next week and I hate medical shows and I hate procedurals so I dont know how that's gonna go but we'll see.

Gossip girl 302: I liked this alot more than the premiere. Blair got her ass owned. Georgina was amazingly sympathetic for someone who is borderline insane and Dan was completely likeable for at least a half hour. Also the chuck/blair moment at the end was really adorable and felt less forced and cheesy than last week's. that's actually all I have to say about this ep. I think I forgot most of it by the time I started writing this entry lol.
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Mary Sue

I hate hate HATE this term. Just about every fandom I have been in has used this term to either discredit and undermine a female character and her numerous accomplishments or skill or to justify their dislike of her. Usually both. Yes there are underwritten, poorly developed female characters on tv. I can understand not liking them or feeling indifferent to them or if you are like me secretly resenting the writers for doing a shit job with their female characters but putting more effort on the male ones.
However I have rarely in the many years I have spent in fandom, felt the term Mary Sue was ever justified. I am sick to death of hearing this term, it is used frequently by just about everyone in every fandom imaginable. and It's been annoying me for years but after seeing it once again in the comments of a blog for a writer of (one of) my favorite shows (Leverage) I'd finally just had enough. So I am going to rant about it big time right now. If no one wants to read it, feel free to scroll past.

Let the ranting begin )

The thing I hate the most though? If a female character in a show full of strong people is less than competant, people will STILL bitch and call her a waste of space. Which just goes back to how arbitrary and nonsensical the whole Mary Sue thing is. and I'm so so sick of hearing that fucking term. I wish people would just be honest and say "gosh I dont like her cause she's new/gets in the way of my ship/rubs me the wrong way/makes me feel insecure/I always prefer male charas to female ones/I hate women" it would make fandom so much more tolerable. But of course I know, I am asking way too much.
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Hello lovelies <3 Alright so I have not too long ago done a huge flist cut, I think I cut over 21 people. The reason is I felt like there was alot of people on my flist who didnt comment, i rarely read their ljs, never connected with them, felt annoyed by them, they've gone missing for nearly a year with no announcement of hiatus...etc etc. Basically it was time to whittle down the flist and actually there are a few more who I think need to go but for the rest of you I'm going to be more diplomatic, since I like most of you well enough.

If you want to stay on my flist all you need to do is just answer this poll. You can pick any answer, the poll is just to help me decide who to cut. I have some people in mind already but I do want to know if these people want to stay or not before I get snipping. Obviously not EVERYONE has to answer the poll, some people I wont be cutting whether they answer or not. However, if you think you might be cut and you dont want to be then just answer the poll. All it takes is a click. I will leave the poll up until May 7th. That is my last day of classes and after that I'm doing the final cuts.

[Poll #1388361]

Please keep in mind if you choose to stay, I want to blog freely about all the new and old interests I have, not just JE or even jdramas. Both things I still like but I really want to branch out. I will blog about music, film, actors and actresses I like, fashion, art, artists, dramas, variety shows, books basically anything and everything I want to blog about. So for those who simply friended me for JE, please keep that in mind. If you really couldnt care less about anything other than JE in my blog than it might be better if you defriend me now. I dont mind if some people choose to only comment on je or jdrama entries. If that's all you feel interested in discussing then that's ok. But I just dont want people feeling annoyed that I'm blogging about other stuff cause I WILL being doing that and I WONT be using filters so, it's gonna be all or nothing for this lj. I will also blog about any travels I take or new things I try etc etc. So just keep that all in mind guys.

In other news, I watched the low budget british film "Tuesday" today, it had a bunch of my fave brit actors and I'm always a sucker for a heist film. It was a really damn good film and very simple, gritty and fun. Lots of nice little plays with cliches throughout the whole film. I'll maybe blog about it more in depth at a later date, but definitely if anyone wants to see it drop me a line and I'll fish up some links for you cause it's 78 well spent minutes.

Well that's all my dear flist, until next time~
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Just a short post this time.

-First of all I got my puzzle album in the mail today. I havent listened to it yet because I dont have a cd player on my little netbook but that's ok since I can just play it on the ancient sound system downstairs.
-Secondly the parents and two of my siblings will be gone to washington dc for the next couple of days, much to my delight of course. and it also means dad will buy me icecream before he leaves.
-Icecream <3
-I've decided I'm going to buy a region free dvd player, or rather have dad get it for me as a bday gift. I WILL be buying the Life on Mars dvds though, I did some currency counting and even if I import the dvds from it'd still be cheaper than buying the US versions. Plus a region free player means I can finally watch the 47 con dvd on my tv! I also really want to watch the drama "Clocking Off" but it's not available for free online or in the US so I was like oh what the hell i'll import it!
-I've come to the realization that I really REALLY like David Bowie songs.
-Ditto for Elton John and Eric clapton's defunct band Cream.
-I've been doing really well in school lately. I hope I can keep it up
-Way too much school work left for me to do still. college is really a killer D:
Looks like this unofficial hiatus will last longer still...

-I really want to change my Lj name. This has been a long time coming really. I picked this name out when I was 15 and still liked anime and played video games and believed I'd grow up to be some kind of amazing fiction writer one day. Obviously alot has changed since then, not just my interests but my personality too. I feel embarrassed by this childish name and I dont even remember why I chose the name anymore. I've pretty much renovated everything on my lj so far except my username. I really think it's time for a change for me.
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Been a busy week or so, Here's a recap of what I've been up to for the past few weeks-

Firstly my lj has undergone a MASSIVE make over. I changed the layout and made edits to my interests, my communities, my userpics, my profile and did some locking and unlocking on various journal entries. Even my name changed now. I just got tired of the same old "Taima: crash of thunder" thing.
I recently got into an indie jrock band called "Baseball Bear" and as it is indie AND Japanese there is of course not much info that can be found about them. at least not in english of course. but all you really need to know, is how awesome their songs are.

Here's my favorite

a live performance of Matsuri no Ato and if you like that one then you can find a bunch other videos for them linked to the same YT page. I'd recommend: dakeshimetai, changes, aishiteru, crazy no kisetsu ga, and manatsu no jouken.
Next, my love for western television has been rekindled with new force, particularly my love for UK tv dramas. They are short, they are well written and best of all they are chock full of ENGLISH ACCENTS WOO! Seriously, so far I've watched Life on Mars S1, most of S2 and all of Ashes to Ashes S1, the spin off for LOM. I know spin off makes people go EWWW, but it's a really great show and manages to be different enough from LOM. I've also become insanely fond of Philip glenister and John simm cause of these shows. and I spent last night perusing forums for LOM and A2A, and watching a bunch of guest appearances of Glenister on various talk shows. It is SO nice to be able to understand everything that is being said on a talk show for a change. More blabbing about UK shows under the cut )
thanks to A2A and LOM, I've been listening to nothing but 70's and 80's music for the past week. and I have no regrets! *goes back to dancing to the Stranglers*
As far as American tv goes, I'm really into Leverage (a show on TNT) and The Mentalist (bizarro procedural drama on CBS). I will definitely be making posts for all my current show obsessions, down the road. But I want to actually finish some or most of my assignments before I do. Since knowing me I will ramble on immensely XD especially for Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes.
I've been hella busy with school work, I'm seriously up to my neck in assignments. My English essay, art museum assignment, art project and presentation is on Monday (which I told the teacher I wouldnt be able to make it because I'd be in Virginia. Except. I'm not. XD). Anyway, this is partially why I've been avoiding LJ and MSN lately. The other reason would be all the shows I've been watching in between working. But pffft who needs human interaction when you have TV!
Thanks to all the shows I've been watching lately I have a affinity for the crime genre lately. If this keeps up I'll be watching The Departed and Resevoir dogs soon. or rewatching Pulp Fiction cause I've been wanting to rewatch for the longest time now. Sam "the man" Jacksooooon!
Well that's all.
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So I changed my layout recently. It's not quite April yet but I figured no reason I should have to wait that long before I change it. I wasnt happy with the lemon one anyway, and the resolution wasnt working with my tiny laptop screen. <--- cliiiick, you know you want to!

Anyway now for the real reason for this post. I feel bad I havent been responding to comments lately :( Because I've been overwhelmed with school and just plain couldnt think up proper responses half the time. From now on I will be good though! I also have a backlog of memes to do that I promised others I"d do...I'll get to it guys I swear ;_;

For now here's something sweet and to the point I saw on my flist-

Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you.

&hearts flist &hearts
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I'm working on my english essay right now and I've been working on and off for the past week or so on 3 different posts for this lj and have yet to get any done .__. (a post about k8 pairings, a dramas post and some topics given to me recently by the lovely koneho <3) I'm actually the closest to being done with the last thing on that list. But because I missed blogging so much and this meme sounds super interesting. I decided to post!

- Describe me in one word... just one single word. Positive or negative.

- Leave your word in a comment before looking at what words others have used.

-Then copy and paste the meme to your journal to find out how people will describe you when limited to one word.

Also THIS: is the most hilarious uwasa I've seen in a while. I laughed SO hard. Especially since my reaction to the original rumor this article refers to, was "PFFFT AS IF becky would date him!" and then LOL when she finds out her reaction is more or less the same. Becky: tegoshi? hahahahaha and now tego is afraid of women wtf XD of course that's where it's obviously a lie but I wouldnt surprised if the "ero-prince" didnt have his ego hurt a bit by that. way to go becky!


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