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Saw this on ontd_feminism and it reminded me of how much I hated this damn holiday and have since I was 14 and figured out the whole truth. As Arabs with no history in this country my family never really celebrated this holiday and I didnt think about in school why we celebrated him, I did always think it was weird when the teacher told us that Columbus "discovered" America because what about the people who were here already? Little did I know then that when it comes to US history no one really gives a shit what brown people have discovered. Except during black history month, then MAYBE but only like the same five black people because obv no one else did anything of note! Blargh -_- Anyway, I am sharing this here since the girl who shared it with ontd_fem comm requested we spread the word, so I will do that. I heard South Dakota already changed Columbus day into Native American Day which is a good start.

Also if you too hate this holiday and think it is fucked up to celebrate a guy who contributed to so much suffering, you can sign this petition:
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Dear Who Fandom, please stop calling Amy a "Mary Sue" or "Very Special" because she did two rather mundane things that happened to help the doctor alot, like notice something he didnt notice because his back was turned and he was too busy being angsty and all-knowing to notice anything else anyway. Also just because Amy helped the Doctor diffuse the Dalek Bomb with her own humanity does not mean she is going to take over the show/turn into rose/make the doctor look useless etc etc and I think we can all agree that was a shit storyline anyway.
Seriously you guys, I know RTD gave everyone a major complex because of how much he fucked shit up, but SERIOUSLY, cut that shit out. Like now. Some love. ~Tai

Dear Mark Gatiss, I think you are a crap writer. Not the worst ever maybe sure but this episode of Who was possibly the most boring and pointless Who episode I've ever seen and that's saying alot considering I saw "Last of the Time Lords". Also you majorly suck at writing companions. Basically just quit. No love. ~Tai

Dear English final paper. I fucking hate you. ~Tai
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[Poll #1385735]

So I've decided to change my lj name. I already bought the rename token. Now all I need is to decide which name to choose. Sadly I cant choose, pretty much cause all the choices i've come up with were either taken or total shit. So what i'm left with are the acceptable ones. I'll leave this poll up for the weekend and then I'm going to change my name. I may not necessarily choose the name with the most votes but it has a higher chance of getting chosen. basically I need some help deciding and this was the best way i could think of. Most if not all the names carry some significance to me. However I dont have time to explain them all but it's not of huge importance really...

ps. I finally listened to the K8 album yesterday. first impressions were good. I will maybe do a review on my second listen.
pps. sorry for not commenting much lately flist. after this week most of my work will be finished so maybe I can finally go back to regularly commenting and posting.

ETA: I looked into it more closely and it seems redshoes is not available for use afterall. sucks :( the best ones were really queenofhearts and redshoes but both were taken. in fact every imaginable variation of queenofhearts was taken -_-. same for red shoes
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So I changed my layout recently. It's not quite April yet but I figured no reason I should have to wait that long before I change it. I wasnt happy with the lemon one anyway, and the resolution wasnt working with my tiny laptop screen. <--- cliiiick, you know you want to!

Anyway now for the real reason for this post. I feel bad I havent been responding to comments lately :( Because I've been overwhelmed with school and just plain couldnt think up proper responses half the time. From now on I will be good though! I also have a backlog of memes to do that I promised others I"d do...I'll get to it guys I swear ;_;

For now here's something sweet and to the point I saw on my flist-

Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you.

&hearts flist &hearts
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Yay dramas post time! I haven't done one of these in a while but that's because I found last season's dramas largely disappointing. I didn't feel inspired to pick up most of them and the ones I DID pick up were mostly a waste of my time. I honestly cant even remember the names of most of last season's dramas tbh :( I did however, really enjoy Ryuusei no Kizuna, it wasn't a GREAT drama but it was in my opinion a very enjoyable one. I do love most kudokan dramas though so maybe that helped? XD

Anyway this season in contrast has been AMAZING for me, I cannot remember watching this many dramas in a single season before and I haven't dropped any yet! I'm so surprised because I'm usually the type to rarely finish a drama series but so far all of these have proved to be very good viewing.

So my opinions on the dramas I'm watching so far!

Uta Onii (eps 1-3): I am enjoying this quite alot so far and I didnt think I would. I'll be honest now, I checked this drama out for Maru, and he's at least 50% of the reason I am still watching it now. That being said the other 50% is worth mentioning too. The rest of the fabulous cast and colorful characters and silly happenings all make this drama a worthwhile drama to me. I do love a light fun drama but I feel like most dramas that try to be light and fun just end up being really stupid instead. (examples: yasuken, yamataro, yuukan club and this season's mei-chan. apologies to anyone who liked these dramas. but they are not my cup of tea, even though yes I watched all of yc BUT ONLY CAUSE OF YOKO!) Anyway uta onii manages to balance that thin line i think between absurdity and reality well enough. I confess most of the scenes outside of the uta onii set and studio are not very interesting to me and I find the girlfriend of ohno's chara to be completely pointless as a character and I'm sick of seeing air time taken away from the other worthwhile characters, just so we can hear her preachy contrived monologues. I'm not a fan of the saccharine crap found in most dramas either, but so far uta onii has managed not to annoy me with the cutesy stuff or its "Morals of the Day". Maru it should be said is surprisingly natural as Mamoru, i do think it helps that mamoru has alot in common with maru, and chances are this is why he was chosen. But I'm glad that Maru is allowed a full range of emotions in this role and not just the default "smiley happy energetic silly" that is probably associated with him normally. I also really like the character of Urara (the sister of song) and the hilarious over the top antagonist of the story, Himuro. The manger lady is a nice breath of fresh as a mature capable woman and not your typical whiny nagging obnoxious jdrama heroine. Also the children that appear in the drama now and then are really precious and brighten it up for me <3 So basically my verdict so far on uta onii is a thumbs up.

Zeni Geba (eps 1-5): I think this might be my favorite drama of the season, which in a season full of strong dramas, is really saying something. This is a very picturesque drama but also a surprisingly minimal, simple and quiet one. Every scene is filled with an ominous and melancholic feeling. and whenever the protagonist appears, there is this distinct feeling of tension. a very uncomfortable feeling. you can say that this is an uncomfortable drama to watch. more on zeni geba ) tiny spoilers )

Love Shuffle )

Voice )

I was also watching HYD K for a while but I only got as far as ep 12 before I started to lose interest. I think actually made farther into the tw drama, despite my not liking it very much. but jan di's wussification was becoming too much for me and honestly i think i've grown out of that story ages ago but i still feel like checking it out everytime a drama is made out of hyd. but i think I'm finally at my highest saturation point, as far as hyd adaptations go. I might still finish the drama though, because lee min ho and joon hyung are too yummy <3 (and who ever plays woobin <3) I like yi yung really but am I the only one in bof fandom who is w/e about kim bum? srsly i dont get the hype. but then i was like that for a while about matsuda shota too. suffice to say, love shuffle changed my mind. XD

Feel free to discuss dramas with me in the comments too guys! I've seen alot of interesting mixed feelings from my flist about this drama season so I'm looking forward to hearing other's opinions ^_^
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I've been watching dramas again lately. So far I'm just watching Ryuusei no Kizuna and Blood Monday. I also have been watching a Kdrama called "Capital Scandal"

Since I plan on making a dramas centric post on these dramas another time i'll just speak briefly about them now. I know some people seem annoyed/disappointed/worried about RnK lately but I am TOTALLY enjoying it and the angst even. I just love kudokan's style and I appreciate the extra depth and seriousness the novel's story brings to this drama. I also can say for the firs time ever, I've totally enjoyed watching Ryo's character in a drama. I just was never very moved before by him, Sousuke was not he OMG AMAZING performance for me that it was for the majority of fandom. Neither was Asou-kun or that kid he played in Gambatte ikkimashoi. However I feel like Ryo totally brings to life the character of Taisuke and I'm getting such a kick out of watching him! I nearly died at him playing a b-boy in ep 5 and playing a creepy otaku type in ep 7. Not to mention his chemistry with the lovely toda erika is really high, I am such a ShiixTai shipper, that scene with him and her by the beach? ADORABLE <3 Though I know they wont work out in the end I like to dream XD plus maybe ryo will get erika to fall for him somehow, they'd be a cute couple dun lie!
For Blood Monday, I am quite enjoying the action packed and fast paced story, even if the majority of the characters feel rather thin and un-engaging to me. But hey at least it's not boring. So far I'm only up to ep 3, so I'll come back with more to say when I get farther in the drama.
Also worth mentioning is my latest kdrama obsession, Capital Scandal. I actually dont love it as much now as when I first started but the male cast is VERY appealing *__* but my biggest crush is on Song joo a total femme fatale and without a doubt the most complex, amazing badass character in the whole drama. Seriously you guys I'd watch it all again just for HER. I'm not really very into the main couple which sadly gets most of the airtime but all the other pairings and character interactions I enjoy greatly. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to get into kdrama or just something new. You can find it here:

I changed my layout recently, it's got a very fresh feeling I would say so CLICKIE CLICKIE -


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