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Sep. 14th, 2009 07:05 pm
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So my last post was kind of angry and I wrote it in a flurry of caffeinated rage. Basically before yesterday I hadnt updated for a while and wasnt really commenting on my flist's entries for the most part. The reason is I am very busy lately with school, with getting my life together because I'm getting older, my parents are getting more burdened with expenses from my siblings and I basically need to start focusing on getting my shit together and being independent already. The only reason I havent announced a hiatus is because I do like to update my lj and respond to friend's entries whenever I feel like it. So I'll pop in now and then to say hi to people or talk about shit in my lj, but otherwise I just wont be as active online for awhile.
Anyway moving on..

I changed my layout a little while ago, it is now very pink with some black. I tend to alternate between black and pink alot with my layout coloring choices. Methinks after this one it's time to change things up. Maybe dabble in purples and yellows for a while.


Leverage 209 - a bit anticlimactic for a mid season break, but it's understandable considering it wasnt originally planned for that. That being said I enjoyed it alot and I love how Tara was introduced to the team. I'm gonna miss Sophie the elegant European grifter but Tara the tough American grifter seems pretty cool too. I think the best part of the episode was Nate's HORRIBLE suits. God they were so ridiculous I loved each and every one of them. I loved Nate's character's last name "poppadockalas"? I wish he'd play that character every episode. I cant decide who I like more nate's sleazy lawyer persona or his go as a quirky german headmaster of a private school. both of those were GOLD. *sigh* no Leverage till January :(

Psych 4x05 - I am so glad this show is back! That week it skipped due to it being labor day weekend just about killed me. I need a steady dose of Psych in my life or I start to go into horrible withdrawal, I get a rash and everything people srsly. This was a great episode, I loved the beginning the most though. I really love how psych is balancing the humor and the drama lately, I mean it's definitely let itself get more intense with the cases in the later seasons but I still enjoy the show so much. It's just alot of fun no matter what. I felt the first episodes of the season were weak but everything since then has been great. and I CANT WAIT for the bollywood episode! I just know it's going to be awesome. and unlike the telenovela episode (which I loved anyway) I will actually get most of the jokes and references. Since my parents love bollywood and I've seen more than my share of bollywood films (ok about 3...and a 1/2. but believe me, it is enough)

True Blood S2 Finale This was very much not what I was expecting. and by that I mean. Deeply anti climactic. Alan Ball said this finale would be very satisfying. YOU LIED TO ME BALL! Don’t think I will forget this!
spoilers beyond this point )

Jane Eyre 2006 - started this and havent seen the final ep yet but I am struck by the liberties BBC took with the plot on this one. Usually BBC is all about being faithful to the source material. I imagine it's because they did a Jane Eyre adaptation 20 years prior and decided that this time they could just go crazy with it. That being said I cant blame them for trying to make Rochester seem like less of a douchebag. Because OMG he was so unpleasant in the book and to cap it off UGLY. I keep thinking the only reason Jane got with him was cause she was too low on herself to think she could ever do better. Plus he had money, after starving most of your life you'd probably marry any schmuck with a fancy coin purse. I think the best part is when they show Rochester's wife and she turns about to be this beautiful but insane spanish woman and she starts shrieking at Jane when she sees her "PUTA, PUTAAAA" omg I cracked up SO HARD. This is totally the crack version of Jane Eyre. Also WTF Rochester, he is ridiculously good looking and kept going on about how he is so ugly and no one can love him even though there was a gorgeous blond trying to marry him for the first 3 episodes so wtf is he on about? (he insists it's cause of his money which...ok valid) but srsly I think I yelled at my screen once "OMG STOP BEING A FUCKING GIRL AND SUCK IT UP" so ridiculous. But this is why I would never be the heroine of a romance novel or a Gothic horror novel. Cause I'd tell the Hero to STFU everytime he whined and I would NOT follow the creepy laughter in the dark ominous hallway. OMG WHY DO THAT? WHAT GOOD CAN COME OF IT?

I will end this post by saying NEW GOSSIP GIRL TONIGHT! GLEEEE~
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First day back at College for me. Right now I'm blogging during my lunch break like a true geek/nerd. So far classes seem like they will go well, I havent attended my final class of the day yet which starts in 2 hours. So since I still have no viable transportation to and from school (let's not talk about how many times I've failed the driving test now) and I dont intend to walk 3 miles to get to my house. I'm stuck here. Perfect opportunity to blog about Sunday's episode of True Blood!

True Blood 09: This week's ep was INCREDIBLE. I remember reading a very glowing review about ep 9 a few days before it aired, in a tv mag I forgot which one but it was full of awe and respect for the series and I was like is she talking about the same show I'm watching? Cause I love true blood it's alot of fun but I'd never describe it as deep or meaningful but the reviewer did. After I saw this episode I understand why she did and she is totally right. True Blood was elevated to a whole other level Sunday night and I was impressed and let me tell you flist I am not easily impressed at all. This episode was game-changing, heartbreaking and completely elevated my opinion of the show (as well as the writers, actors, & alan ball) and what it could be. Basically if you're on my flist and dont watch this show, I'd recommend you start now because I think it's totally worth it to get to this point. Especially Season 2 itself has been very enjoyable whereas S1 I felt was nice but didnt become must see television for me until the final few eps of that season.

Highlights of the episode: Here comes the sun )

I will also say now I do enjoy the Mary Ann storyline and amazed at how most people cant stand it. It is a fascinating storyline and character when you actually pay attention closely to who Mary Anne is and more importantly what she represents, WHY she's so evil, WHY she's a bad thing. Like the philosophy that she goes by, why is it so bad and is it in fact all bad? (cause I think in fact it's not) Mary Ann is bad and must be stopped not cause she wants to enslave earth or kill all humans or open a portal to hell or some stereotypical supernatural villain shit but because she is a vision of selfishness, hedonism and chaos. There's something about Mary Ann... ) Basically in Mary Ann's mind she is saving everyone, making everyone happier in becoming her disciples. She's a really fascinating complex antagonist and that's my favorite kind. So I really cant tell why so many people hate this storyline cause if you look at it beyond the surface it's not just all town orgies, crazy parties and Mary Ann traipsing around talking about feelings to everyone and feeding people creepy food like "hunter souffle".

Also a meme! Been meaning to do this one for a while:
Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post.

You can really ask me about ANY fandom. My fandoms have spread across at least 3 continents (america, europe, asia) so really you can ask me my faves for just about anything from any medium and I'll probably be able to come up with some kind of answer.
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I am posting this entry now (instead of tomorrow like I planned originally) solely to post this link:
I saw it on my flist earlier today and clicked it and I just fucking cried my eyes out. This is beautiful and whether you care about john hughes or his films at all or even know who he is. I still think you should read this. Everyone should. What a lovely kind hearted man he was. and It really showed in his movies which were beneath the 80's style dramatics were really earnest and sweet. RIP John Hughes, your creativity and heart will forever be missed.

I finally saw North & South today. It was a beautiful drama and I thank everyone who recommended it to me because I thoroughly enjoyed it! I've seen hell and it's white. Pure white. )
The thing I love MOST about North & South is as much as it is a love story and it is a very beautiful love story it's also becomes that much more, because of it's very rich setting, supporting cast and conflicts that are not entirely centered around the couple or romance and feel very real for the time period.

I also started watching Skins sometime yesterday and I'm on episode four right now in the first season and this is already shaping up to me one of my most favorite shows ever and possibly the best teen centric show I've ever seen. It helps that Skins has a realness to it that other teen shows lack even while being really surreal or crazy sometimes. I cant wait to watch more and at this rate I think I may even watch S3 despite it having an all new cast.

I'll wrap up this hasty entry by saying I changed my layout the other day. and also my profile. So check those out, if you like.
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Doing a meme since I havent done one in a while.

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, answer these questions. You can't use the band that I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)"

Pick your Artist: Gravenhurst

Are you a male or female? Diane
Describe yourself: She Dances (then she dances, skirt swaying in the half light, she dances, white blossom in the black sky. "i need new clothes" she thinks, "new skin, I mind I can bear to live in. to live in")
How do you feel? Underfoot
Describe where you currently live? Western Lands
If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Down River
Your favorite form of transportation: Tunnels
Your best friend is: Herne the Hunter
You and your best friends are: Animals
What's the weather like?: Flashlight Seasons
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called? Internal Travels
What is life to you? Hourglass
Your relationship: A Call to Arms
Your fear: The Silent Age
Thought for the Day: Trust (is hard to come by these days)
How I would like to die: Ice On Black Water
My soul's present condition: Damage
My motto: I turn my face to the forest floor

This was strangely very fun and also surprisingly therapeutic. Of course this IS one of my most favorite bands. but now I have strong desire to do this with Arcade Fire songs next. We'll see.

For shits and giggles I'll tag some people to do this: [ profile] sibarita, [ profile] meganbmoore, [ profile] kaede_hikari, [ profile] bakabanri, [ profile] ashkt, [ profile] jigglykat, [ profile] araanaz9, [ profile] cranberrysheep, [ profile] cobblestones, [ profile] dioraddictxx, [ profile] ohvienna, [ profile] arcady, [ profile] tardisdoll
of course participation is entirely optional

Also in case anyone wants to add me there, I have a dreamwidth:
I have successfully (mostly) and with great effort managed to transfer an lj layout onto my dw account, via tampering with some very complicated code. No I did not suddenly become advanced at html programming over night. I used this: very handy tutorial. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to import an lj layout onto dreamwidth.

I also have at least 1 dreamwidth invite code so if anyone wants that then say so. first come first serve, unless someone I really like comes after you asking for it in which case tough shit. I few people I like that much though so odds are in your favor.
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Finally managed to get my hands on Lisa Kleypas's "Dreaming of You" after having to wait for 2-3 weeks for it to get sent over to my library.

blah blah books and bookstores )

Anyway as you all can see I've been reading a lot of novels and did some reviews, well really just writing about my impressions.

Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale. Grade: A-

If you are looking for a fluffy romance this is definitely not your book. This is one of the most angst and drama filled romance novels I've ever read (so far). and also was one of the most emotional. why this book was pretty awesome )
All in all I would say a very good read. I think I'm going to be reading more Kinsale in the future.

To wrap this entry up, I changed my layout a week ago and all the color coding took me at least 2 hours, and I never did manage to get the titles on the main page the precise color I wanted but eh, it's good enough I think.
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YAY I finally managed to get to the library today and get some more books to read. I've been on a total reading spree lately and just going 2-3 days without books nearly turned me gray. blah blah books, blah blah got a haircut and it was shit )

I saw the Star Trek movie last friday. and I now have a bit of a crush on Zachary quinto, fuck that wasnt supposed to happen! -_- I just found him creepy before cause of the sylar role he had on heroes. I mean dude just had big eyebrows and a tendency for slicing open heads, NOT a turn on. But his rendition of Spock was.....nice *__*. Something that was also nice was how he filled out his uniform ;D. As for less shallow thoughts I had on the film, it was alot of fun! I dont know shit about star trek, my Dad, who I saw the movie with. Knows more about star trek than I do, which is weird cause I'm the tv junkie not him. But I really enjoyed the movie and the young actors did a real good job I think. And also ALSO SIMON PEGG EEEEE!! I kept waiting the whole time for him to appear and when he finally I did I was like YAY SIMON PEGG *SQUEE* good times. If you havent seen the star trek movie already, you should!

In other news, I've finally started studying Japanese seriously, I already know plenty of words and can get the gist of most Japanese conversations, my only issue is a total lack of knowledge with hiragana, kanji and katakana and also my grammer is shit. So I'm teaching myself slowly (ever so slowly -_-) in a book until fall comes round and I can take a bloody class for it already. Funny fact, the first word I learned to write in hiragana and can do now entirely from memory is "Subaru". Ironic? perhaps. Pitiful? you betcha.

Speaking of Eito...I saw a book at the library called "Shy Boy" and could not contain my giggles. Ah fandom, even when you try to get away from it, it follows you EVERYWHERE.

aaand I shall wrap this post up with a quiz! Jane Austen heroines woo!

I am Emma Woodhouse!

Take the Quiz here!

You are Emma Woodhouse of Emma! You like being the queen of your social circle (small and provincial as it may be), and feel it's your duty to help those less influential than you. You often meddle in the affairs of others, though you do it with a pure heart. You are often deluded in your flights of fancy, but your good intentions and creative spirit make you someone anyone could like.

I...never read this book, but Emma sounds kind of...really awesome. pffft Elizabeth, being Emma would be WAY more fun clearly.

Oh and I changed my layout and profile again. It's very colorful and summery I would say. SOMEONE said it burned her retinas but what does she know?
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Hello flist! I have made the final cuts on my friends list, I know I said i would be doing the cut on may 7th but I changed my mind. and really I dont think anyone I cut will care or in fact even notice that i have cut them. Anyway those who are left, congrats you get to spend another year reading my insane ramblings. You must feel so glad, I know I do ;) I am happy to have seen how many people wanted to stay on my flist and keep up with me. I love all of you, really, in vary degrees of course but love is love yo.

Anyway, I've also made more than a handful of new friends via my new latest obsessions and fandoms, welcome ladies to the crazy parade! I am Taima your host in this land of wtfuckery, please enjoy your stay. and call me Tai.
As far as introductions go, I think my profile and various past memes in my lj sum me up rather well and really I dont want to talk about myself now. ha ha ha ok that's a lie, I love talking about myself. but since I do that enough already, I'm going to instead talk about my journal, so those of you on the flist will have a better idea of what to expect in the coming weeks/months or however long you unfortunate souls choose to stay on board.
This journal, is not just a fandom journal, it's not just a personal journal, this journal is me. it encompasses everything that goes on in my mind. It will cover my life, my interests, my aspirations, my thoughts, my loves, my hates, my dreams, everything. I dont feel like fragmenting the different aspects of my life or character into several different journals or filters. Everything is in one place, it's all here. It's all or nothing folks. I have only two filters right now, and one of them I dont use very much.

One of those filters is for JE, that is Johnny's Entertainment and if you dont know what that is it's ok, because you're probably not on that filter then! But for those who do know what that is, I'm going to be honest. I wont be blogging about JE or Kanjani8 that much anymore. and about that... )

So for specifics, here is a nice list of what I plan to blog about for now on.

* The main function for this lj for now one will be to either review or discuss or share impressions about the various tv shows or films I watch. Foreign films included. There will be fangirling/squeeing and meta/theories/discussion as well.
*I will continue to do various lj memes and rankings. Not too often but often enough that it merits mentioning. I have a backlog of memes that people tagged me for and I WILL do them...eventually.
*I will post about my life now and then, not particularly often but it will happen. It can be anything about my school, career, future or just spewing my thoughts and feelings about life/the universe/love/friendship/my future etc etc. If I go on a trip or something really wonderful/terrible happens then chances are it will be blogged about here as well.
*I still love cooking, and I fully intend to go back to blogging about dishes I've successfully made and hopefully posting recipes here as well.
*Finally I will engage in the occasional picspam, which can be about anything I want. Desserts, clothes/fashion, models, actors, actresses, musicians, you name it

If any of this sounds especially unappealing anyone is free to defriend at will. I just wanna put it out there what my lj will look like for now on so no one feels mislead that i was more interesting or into a particular fandom than I actually am.

And that's all, I have exams wednesday so I wont be updating at all probably until afterwards. See ya! &hearts
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Check it out ladies! I got a new name: [ profile] sisterjune

Ok ok I know a put up a poll earlier in the week forr lj names and sisterjune wasnt on there but only because I hadnt thought of it yet! I'm glad I waited, I was really fed up with putting it off early on knowing the longer I waited the more indecisive I'd become but in this case I think waiting really served me well. queenalice and sevenstars were nice names, but they just didnt click for me. I wanted a name that was unique, represented ME and would be able to stay with me no matter how my interests changed or personality developed. Sisterjune is perfect for that. Because it's a name with plenty of significance to me personally but might come off as random to other people. I appreciate this air of mystery though. Of course I'm about to eliminate it in a moment but never you mind~

I got the inspiration for this name when I was perusing my fiction & poetry lj (though it's mostly just poems right now) for inspiration and bam! I got it. June is a poem I wrote when I was...14? maybe 15? basically over five years ago. It's nothing spectacular but for me it was a great form of self expression at the time since I had no other way of doing so. I needed an outlet of expression and amateurish poetry was it. So the first poem I ever wrote was June. The poem was about a strange girl named june and it was in the form of a letter where her sibling july writes to her and asks her to return home, her family doesnt get her which is shown in the poem by july asking each family member (all named after a month of the year) about june. The poem is largely metaphorical though and isnt literally about a girl named june unless of course you want it to be. June wasnt about me or anyone I know either but in a way it felt like I was talking to myself. Sort of my free spirited bright but oddball side that got beat down over the years and was slipping away from me as I aged and I was sort of withdrawing from people. It was a tough time, but I can look back on it now with a smile because I know it was all just a part of my growth into a wiser better adult. Still got plenty of growing to do though!

I'm very happy with this name and I'm glad I made a change. I feel like this name suits me very well. Also my birthday is in June. :D


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