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80's music, a perfect circle, alice in wonderland, alternative energy, ancient history, animation, anime, anthropology, anti-racism, arcade fire, ashes to ashes, asian cinema, avant garde fashion, batman, beastie boys, bioware, blade of the immortal, bob dylan, books, brazilian music, british humor, buffy the vampire slayer, capsule, catherine tate, chinese astrology, chocolate, classic film, coldplay, comics, cooking, daily show, damon albarn, david bowie, demetri martin, disney, doctor who, dorothy parker, dragon age, edgar wright, emily dickinson, enneagram, fantasy, feminism, film, folk music, foo fighters, food, football, geek culture, gender theory, goddesses, gorillaz, graphic novels, gravenhurst, greek mythology, hip hop, historical fiction, imagination, iron & wine, it's always sunny, jane lynch, japan, jazz age, jdramas, johnny cash, jon stewart, kanye west, kate bush, langston hughes, language, leverage, linguistics, little mosque, lolita, lord of the rings, loretta chase, mass effect, middle east, mos def, mythology, national geographic, nintendo, people, period dress, photography, pixar, poetry, pop culture, press gang, psych, psychology, punk, radiohead, rage against the machine, red hot chili peppers, rem, retro fashion, ricky gervais, rip slyme, robert downey jr, rpgs, samurai champloo, scheherazade, seu jorge, shakespeare, shiina ringo, simon pegg, soccer, sociology, spaced, starkidpotter, stephen colbert, storytelling, superheroes, supersizers, sylvia plath, tarantino, tim burton, time travel, tina fey, top gear, total drama, true blood, tv, uk, ursula k. le guin, vampire diaries, video games, weezer, wes anderson, white stripes, women, world music, writing, xena warrior princess, xmen
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