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So Spain beat Germany! Crazy huh? I never saw it coming to be honest (but apparently, PAUL THE OCTOPUS DID) until the game then just watching how aggressive the spanish were being and how many shots they kept getting at the goal, I figured it was only a matter of time before they scored. What I didnt get was wtf the Germans were doing. Playing so defensively and before then I'd seen them play both offense and defense very well. Was the loss of Thomas Muller a big factor in this change of play style? (did they hear Paul's prediction and become nervous? lol jk)
Oh well eh? Third again it seems. Unless the Uruguayans come up with something tough in the runners up match on Saturday. I suppose it hurts less now than it did back in 06 ya? Or no? I for one cant lose this World Cup because I already lost! USA was out early on. and Argentina was completely crushed by Germany. Seriously the Argentines LOST their shit completely and were flailing around the field in a huff while the Germans practically danced in circles around them. talk about humiliation! (I will be sad to see ol Maradona go, sure he's a washed up ex druggie football player and probably helped popularize cheating in the sport but hey, he's also a laugh and a half! Plus he totes reminds me of my crazy grandma back home in Lebanon. for realz).
Brazil also lost rather shockingly to the Dutch. Or perhaps not so shockingly considering their lukewarm play throughout the tournament. Really It's a testament to Brazil's talent pool though that they could leave one of their best players at home and play half assed yet still advance to the quarter finals. Anyway, it's funny considering how poorly most of the Europeans did at the start that we are looking at an all Euro final once again. That said, I doubt anyone would have expected the Dutch to advance THIS far and for the Spanish this is their first final ever in WC history! Craziness! All those fancy Spanish clubs and that's the National Team's first time? I wonder who will win it. Either way it's gonna be a first time for one of these teams and that's pretty awesome to behold. I do love being privy to history. Sure all my teams went home but I'm not sad! Because one of my World Cup wishes did come true. Italy got knocked out! and Hella early! WOOOO KARMA IS A BITCH ITALY. *still angry about the 2006 WC final*

I will be sad when this World Cup ends. What will I do with my day hours now? Get work done? Prepare for classes in august? Start an exercise regime? Read all those books I keep saying I will read? BAH. Bah I say! (on the bright side this new surge of interest in Soccer from the US public seems to have convinced to start putting up matches from the big European leagues on their live streaming. WOOHOO. I get to keep following this stuff even after the WC is over! Now if only they would start actually airing this shit on tv. Sure I could shell out for Fox Soccer Channel but shoot, I aint rich! That stuff aint cheap man)

Date: 2010-07-07 10:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yay Spain won! I totally wanted them to win 'cos the Germans beat England (and actually, they deserved to 'cos England played shit but it's the thought right?) and well, who likes the Germans? XD It might also have to do with the fact that the Spanish team are quite nice to look at lol.

I honestly don't know what was wrong with them in this match 'cos usually they're all over the place. I guess the Spanish passing and set pieces just outmanouvered them this time round. And i'm a fan of Italy (i've been brainwashed by my brother into liking them against my own will - you try and watch Italian football as an impressionable teenager with hormones and not find the Italians hot XDXD) but they were shit, ditto France who self-imploded. Brazil went out with a whimper, ditto Argentina and it took barely noticed Holland to get to the final. Crazy.

But i honestly feel for you about what to do when the World Cup finishes. As it is, my dad and i have got a little anxious when there's been no football on 'cos we've got so used to it. I suppose it's a good thing we get the Champions League games on the TV here and i'll probably keep an eye on the players i've enjoyed watching in the World Cup. I have a feeling half of them will either end up in Barcelona, Real Madrid or the big teams here in the UK....

Lol football post is long. XD

Date: 2010-07-07 10:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm SUPER HAPPY Germany lost. I'm still laughing and dancing tbh. And I don't even like Spain except for Iker and Puyol.
This WC sucks. All the good teams are out and now two of the most boring teams (to watch) are going to the finals. Blah.
2014 has to be better.

Date: 2010-07-08 03:28 am (UTC)
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You know I also didn't want this WC to come to an end. D: I was having so much fun watching the games. =/

LOL Paul is scaaaaaaaaaaaary! How is it possible that he can predict the results of the games? xD

Anyway, I was rooting for Spain so I was glad when they won, but for me it doesn't matter if they are the ones who are going to win the final game, I'm ok with the Dutch winning as well, I like the fact that both teams have never won a WC before, I bet they are thrilled <3

Also, I'm happy to know people are getting interested into football over at the USA. :)

I can't believe I will have to wait 4 more years for the next WC... =/ At least this one will be held over at my country; that way I will be able to go and watch at least one of the matches over at the stadium. *__*

Date: 2010-07-20 02:59 pm (UTC)
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This is THE LATEST REPLY IIN THE UNIVERSE. But I wanted to say hi! It's been quite a while since we spoke last hasnt it? Are you still in florida? :D

and Paul continued to be correct even in it's prediction for the Final. Pretty nuts. That is a 10% probability that he would guess ALL of them right. Talk about crazy odds eh? Either he really was pyschic or he was very lucky lol.

Spain winning was pretty epic! They looked so beyond ecstatic to win their first cup! I had fun watching them, but that said, it wasnt the most exciting final ever (definitely one of the roughest and dirtiest though D:)

Yeah so am I! I feel like USA should more involved in soccer, it is a world sport and we are part of the world dammit!
Oh Molki you are brazillian? I didnt know that. Why did I think you were from a spanish country? XD

Date: 2010-07-31 02:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL no worries considering my reply was very late as well. xD What is it with us not using LJ as frequently as we used to?!

Yes, it's been like aaaaaaages since we last spoke. D: And nah, I'm back in Brazil, have been back home for quite a qhile now. :)

My GOD, Paul scares me! xD I mean, that just can't be only luck, he really must be special hahaha

LOL surely it wasn't the most exciting but still I enjoyed it very much <3
I LOVED seeing the boys looking so so happy <3333
I wasn't amused by the dirty parts of that game. D:


IA, but I've seen some changes on that aspect after this WC already, so hopefully things are going to get better for soccer fans over at the US. :)

Yes! I'm Brazilian! :D LOL I have no idea from where did you get the idea I was spanish xD
But it's ok, now you know hahaha

Date: 2010-07-08 09:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Spain (and also the Netherlands) for decades always were candidates to win the tournament. Maybe not favourites but always dark horses with a decent chance to win. But time and again they crashed out early, never living up to their potential. Partly because they always had great individuals but never were able to form a whole team (and the two big Spanish teams often relying on foreign players, same as in England).
It changed decidedly a few years ago for Spain. As you probably have heard they are the reigning European champions. And considering that the semi-finals of the WC four years ago consisted of four European teams and this year of three you can imagine how tough the Euro Cup is. Incidentally, yesterday's game was a repeat of the last Euro final, same teams, same score, similar game. You can call it déjà-vu. So yesterday's result isn't a total surprise. Even if I hoped for a different outcome. :)


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