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A video of various reactions of Americans during that tense match yesterday! Who knew so many Americans gave a shit about soccer huh? My sister works in a sports bar and apparently got to see this kind of reaction first hand. I on the other hand was probably more like the arkansas guy in that video lol, I ran around the house and then starting squeeing to my mommy! XD

And for fun, Colbert and J. Stewart's responses to the USA win:
the Daily show video is hilarious. Poor John Oliver, he got mega burned lol.

I am hella glad that USA doesnt have to vs Germany this weekend. Cause I would not like those odds. Though Germany V England should be epic. plus if the English lose, I can laugh about it after!. That said, I love team Ghana and up till now I have been rootin for them. However, I am an American first, so I am for team USA all the way! WOO *pulls out flag* In the mean time though, I will be rooting for Brazil in the sure to be EPIC Brazil v Portugal game tomorrow (or today for some of you lol) :D

Date: 2010-06-25 09:36 am (UTC)
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Hey, if we lose to Germany it won't be as bad as if you lose to Ghana! ;p It's frustrating to meet them so early when there are SO many surprise exits, but at least it won't be as humiliating. Let's laugh together at the French instead!

Date: 2010-06-25 05:27 pm (UTC)
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That is...true XD but the bright side, since I am very fond of Ghana, if USA DOES lose to them, I wont feel too bad about it XD (though it would be rather anti climactic after their crazy comebacks in their last two matches)
and Absolutely there has been some crazy shit going on in this WC, I mean Italy losing to SLOVAKIA?! Craziness! But also WONDERFUL. I havet forgiven Italy for that bullshit they pulled last world cup. and Seeing them brought to tears at their loss to the slovaks was PRICELESS. and Watching the french team go to pieces was both hilarious and sad at the same time. Hard to believe these guys were the finalists four years ago. lol laughing at the french should be a national past time
Seems like it could be anyone's World Cup this year.

nice to hear from you btw :) Sorry I havent been commenting to you much myself. I just havent had much to say tbh, being that I dont really follow K8 and JE all that much anymore :(


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